3 Tips on When to Repair the Pool Deck

It will cost you anywhere from $3000 to $12,000 to build a pool deck. The exact cost depends on the design, materials, and size. So if you already spent a lot of money on a pool deck, it’s vital to maintain it well. Promptly fixing minor issues will help prevent major costly replacements.

So, what are the signs it’s time to repair the pool deck? What should you look out for?

   1. Discoloration

Take a good hard look at the color of your pool deck. Is it still the same color as it was when it’s new?

Pool deck surfaces get discolored over time as they are exposed to harsh weather elements. They also accumulate debris and get worn out. The fading and discoloration of the surfaces surrounding the pool area is a sign. It means you have neglected them for too long. You need to do something about it.

You may need to power-wash the surfaces before you scrape and sand the deck surfaces. Be sure to remove any damaged floor parts first. You may also need to stain and paint them. It will cost you an average of $850 to stain and re-paint your pool deck. But once it’s done, the appearance of your pool will improve significantly. You can proudly showcase it to your visitors once again.

   2. Water damage

One thing you need to worry about your pool deck is water damage. Think about the last time you applied a pool deck sealer on your surfaces. Today’s may be the right time to re-seal your decking.

Pour some water around different parts of your pool deck. Then, watch and see whether there is water beading in those areas. If you notice that water beads are absent and the water seeps into the wood quickly, it means you need to reapply the sealer. It may have worn off with time.

Another sign you may have water damage in your pool deck is wood rot. It may cause pieces of your deck to start coming apart. It can also cause sponginess on the deck surfaces. Wood rot can affect the structural integrity of your deck, making it likely to collapse and cause injuries. So, when you see rot, it’s time to repair the damaged parts and reseal the deck surfaces completely.

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   3. Gaps and instability

As time goes by, the elements may cause your pool deck parts to warp, shrink, and get loose. This may leave gaps and loose connections on parts like handrails and deck boards.  You cannot afford to ignore these issues because they may cause your deck to collapse. They may also cause injuries; people may slip with their hand or foot getting stuck in the gaps. Some may lean against the railings and fall over. You don’t want to deal with all that.

So be on the lookout for any shaky parts and gaps in places where there should be none.

Your pool deck can be the showpiece of your home. It can also be the most dangerous feature of your home. It all depends on how well maintained it is. So, be sure to fix any issues that crop up when they are still minor, and you can continue to enjoy the outdoors safely with your loved ones.

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