4 Tips for Hiring a Reliable Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asphalt is perhaps the best paving you can buy. Compared to concrete, this material is more affordable and environmentally smart because it’s generally recycled from roofing shingles. Asphalt is durable, and resilient, and easy to apply.

Driveway asphalt paving in Utah, California, Oregon, or anywhere in America is an important home improvement, and it should be treated as such. Although it isn’t as disruptive as other projects, many things may go wrong if you hire the wrong contractor. To ensure flawless workmanship, minimize stress, avoid scams, and get what you will pay for, use these tips when narrowing your candidates down:

Ask for Verifiable Credentials

First and foremost, determine whether the qualifications your prospective contractor claims are true. A reliable company comply with any licensing and insurance requirements set in place by the federal, state, or/and local government.

Demand for proof of credentials in order to do your own research. Reputable paving contractors will be happy to provide you with the documents you need because they have nothing to hide. On the other hand, dishonest companies may make excuses to steer clear of the subject.

Don’t be pressured to make a decision immediately. Take your time to do your homework to prevent being contractually tied to an unscrupulous company.


Beware of Unreasonable Down-Payment Demand

The easiest way to tell whether your prospective paving company is lying is when it’s demanding for a large down payment. Regardless of the size of your project, you shouldn’t be asked to fork over about 30% to 50% of the total cost upfront. No matter what your contractor intends to use the money for, you shouldn’t agree with this demand.

Paying a large down payment is a risky proposition. It gives the company no incentive to perform sterling work. A crooked contractor may carry out the project in a slapdash manner without any fear of being fired since you already have too much skin in the game. Even worse, the contractor may disappear on you, taking away your money.

If you ever get asked to put down some cash, you should only pay 10% of the project’s cost or $1,000, whichever is less. An honest contractor may not really not the funds and only consider them as earnest money.Roads Made of Asphalt

Consult Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a convenient source of information about an asphalt paving contractor’s history. The organization rates accredited companies based on numerous criteria related to universally acceptable business practices. Its website may contain reviews, positive and negative ones, letting you know what other customers have to say about your prospective company. While no company is perfect, the BBB can tell you how a contractor was able to address complaints and handle disputes in the past.

Compare Estimate and Contract

Getting a detailed estimate is one thing, but seeing its contents in an official contract is another. In many cases, the details your estimate and contract should be consistent. In many cases, the former serves as an abridged version of the latter. When something’s missing, raise your concern to your contractor to correct any error. Don’t sign on anything until all of the promises made to you are in black and white.

Hiring an asphalt paving contractor may be harder than you might expect, but it’s worth the effort. Exercising due diligence is key to the success of any home improvement even if it’s as small as a driveway paving project.

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