A Broken Sewer Line Shouldn’t Put You Down

You can’t afford to ignore the newest developments in plumbing technology. While most sewer lines can last for a long time, they are vulnerable to wear and tear. In Utah, if you’re unlucky enough to have a damaged sewer line in your house, you should go the trenchless route.

Lower Your Costs

Depending on the location of the sewer lines, going with a traditional sewer replacement can cost you a fortune. It means that you’ll have to dig up long trenches running across your yard, leaving a path of destruction. You will be tearing up your once well-manicured and lush lawn, your immaculate driveway and other hardscaping that you spent a fortune to install.

Worse still, you’ll be on the hook for other related costs, especially when the repair process impacts other people. If you have to dig up the street in front of your house to connect to the main sewer line, you need an exclusive license from the city. Since it involves rerouting the traffic from the area, the fee can range from a thousand to tens of thousands.

Solution to Broken Sewers

Have Minimal Disruptions

A burst or leaking sewer line is the stuff of nightmares for any homeowner. Therefore, you want the problem fixed as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience possible. With trenchless technology, the plumbing company can roll up and fix the problem without saddling you with a stink session. Since the process doesn’t entail any digging up, your home will be safe, and you won’t be exposed to any danger.

Using modern technology, plumbing experts get to the root of the problem without turning your home into a stink bomb. They will plug the leaking or replace the broken pieces without putting your household at the risk of diseases. Typically, plumbers use video technology to asses the damage, which lets them come up with a practical solution quickly.

Forestall Future Problems

Trenchless technology does more than repair a burst sewer line; it can replace an old or broken pipe as well. Best of all, the replacement process is just as efficient and won’t leave your precious garden in shambles. The replacement process begins with digging two holes at different ends of your line, one being the entry and the other one the exits.

There are two methods of replacing a sewer line: pipe bursting and pipelining. As the name suggests, bursting entails using a machine to break up the old pile while at the same time laying the new one. The main advantage of this method is that it uses the same pipe diameter as the old one.

Pipelining, on the other hand, entails dragging a flexible pipe with a resin coat being pulled through the old tube. Inflating the pipe lets the resin set in place, creating a new faultless pipeline inside your old line. The diameter reduces by about a quarter of an inch, which has a negligible effect on the flow of waste.

Making the switch to trenchless technology is your best bet when your sewer line develops a problem. It saves you the need to tear up the garden that you’ve carefully cultivated over a long time. It also means that you won’t have to live with the stench of a perforated sewer line.

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