A Quick Guide to Tile Flooring and Its Maintenance

Tile floors are easily some of the most durable materials ever made. They retain their slick finish no matter the stain: perfect for messy areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

But as durable as they are, tiles also need a lot of TLC. Tile flooring experts from companies like Main Street Kitchen & Flooring in Orange County suggest you follow these simple tips for cleaning tiles.

Cleaning Conundrum

Tiles may be incredibly resilient against stains, but they don’t do very well against nicks and scratches. To prevent damage, regular cleaning must be part of your household chores.

Sweep or vacuum your tiles to get rid of any debris. Mop your tiles once a week to get rid of stains. For ceramic tiles, try a solution of ¼ cup Castile soap to 2 gallons of water. For marble tiles, mix a very mild solution of dishwashing soap and water.

For tougher, greasier stains, you can mix distilled, white vinegar with water. Mop it on the affected area and let it sit for a bit. Remember to mop it immediately as the vinegar can erode and damage your tiles.

Covering Cracks

Tiles with crack

Cracks in tiles can be unsightly and cause your floors to look uneven. But just because you have one tiny crack doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get your entire floor replaced. Hardware stores and tile suppliers now sell scratch repair kits.

You can even save some money by repairing your tiles with clear epoxy and some primer. To repair, simply wash the chipped part with soapy water and dry thoroughly with the aid of a hairdryer. Then, with the aid of a small brush, apply a thin layer of oil-based primer to the dried piece of tile. Let it sit for two hours.

After which you may pain on the crack with an oil-based paint that’s as close to the color of your floor. Once dried, use clear epoxy to cover the crack and level the broken piece with the rest of your floor. Leave it for 24 hours.

These are just some ways to clean and maintain your shiny, tile floors. Putting the time in to take care of your tile flooring will help it last a lifetime.

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