Building and Maintaining an Eco-friendly Deck for Summer

Summer will be in full swing soon. People would love to spend time outdoors. Due to the limits that the pandemic brought, some may not feel too enthusiastic going to far places.

The perfect solution is to spend time in your outdoor spaces. Imagine an afternoon with ice-cold lemonade in hand and hearty laughter ringing. You could also opt for sharing stories around a rustic outdoor fire pit with s’mores to match. Both options suggest quality time spent with your dearest ones.

Outdoor spaces such as patios and decks are excellent venues for entertaining. These outdoor living areas are valuable features of a home. It could even be more valuable when it is eco-friendly. It could be a worthwhile project to turn your deck into a sustainable one this summer. Here are some ideas.

Gather the Right Deck Materials

An eco-friendly deck has sustainable materials in it. Some famous choices are natural wood, pressure-treated lumber, and composite deck material.

Natural wood is a renewable resource. Redwood and cedar are the top choices for natural wood as deck materials. Some homeowners level up their sustainability efforts by choosing recycled wood. When you use recycled wood, you must ensure that it can hold up to heavy foot traffic. You must also see if it can keep up with some weather conditions.

Pressure-treated lumber is rot-resistant. It is also not susceptible to insects such as termites and ants. Thus, this material has a longer lifespan. But, the chemicals that give its favored qualities can be toxic when exposed to soil. If you plan to use it as your deck material, make sure that there is an allowance between the soil and the lumber.

Composite decking materials are a combination of recycled wood components and plastic. It is a low-maintenance material. But, it could cost you more to use this material compared with other choices. Composite decking material is also heavier. Thus, you would need a sturdier frame to support it.

Get Creative with Repurposed Furniture

Seating options are vital in decks. Instead of buying new ones, you can tap your creative side and do some DIY projects. You can repurpose old materials to create some seating options. Some examples are old pallets, PVC pipes, and tires. You only have to make sure that they are durable.

You may turn old crates for storage solutions on your deck. Old pallets can also pass for tables. The only limitation is your creativity.

Go Organic

Throw pillows and lightweight blankets add comfort, color, texture, and style. You can be sustainable with these accessories because they have organic kinds. Organic throw pillows showcase many sustainable qualities. These include natural materials, sustainable manufacturing practices, and cultural preservation. Most organic blankets have organic cotton as their main material. They also sport earth tones and neutral hues.

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Give It Some Glow

Lights add more than aesthetic value to a deck. They also help to secure safety especially if the homeowner would like to entertain at night. When installed at the right places, lights also add depth to the surroundings. They also enhance the view from the indoors.

For an eco-friendly take, you have many options available. Some of them are solar lights, LED string lights, and saltwater-powered lanterns, only to name a few. Another green lighting solution is to have smart lights.

Grow Some Greenery and Blooms

Nothing defines being environmentally friendly more than having natural plants and flowers abound. There are many deck-planting ideas that you can choose from. Your choice might depend on the structure and size of your deck. It could also depend on the level of maintenance that you can provide. You may want to try going with a color theme. The hot palette includes blooms with colors red, yellow, and orange. A cooler palette contains blue, white, and gray.

Whatever planting idea you choose, make sure that it would help to enhance the beauty of your deck. Not only would the plants and flowers be pleasing to the eyes. The scents could help to give a sense of relaxation. Also, with more greenery around, there is a guarantee of oxygen production.

Grab Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

Going sustainable is not only a one-shot thing. Thus, you need to keep choosing environmentally friendly ways even when cleaning your deck. Avoid using cleaning solutions that have harsh chemicals in them. Instead, choose natural cleaners and chemical-free products. Do some research when buying your deck cleaners. You can even make some homemade solutions with common items found in your kitchen.

Having an environmentally friendly deck will give you great fulfillment. You can do more than commune with nature in your deck. You can contribute something to the sustainability of the environment.

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