Guidelines for Putting Together an Exceptional Day Spa

The wellness industry is currently a booming business worldwide. Spas are presently the fastest growing business for boosting people’s wellness with the increased stress levels and people looking for a place to relax. The U.S. has over 21,000 spas, and this number is growing rapidly daily. It is estimated that spas generate annual revenue of 8 billion dollars, which is set to rise to about 21 billion dollars by 2021. It is only imperative to want a piece of these profits with such promising numbers.

With the competition in the custom spa sector in Salt Lake City, you need your spa to stand out for you to attract clients and actualize profits. The key to this lies in having an exceptional design for your day spa. Here are some guidelines to ease your choice of the different elements essential for your day spa’s overall design:


The objective of a day spa is the relieving of tension and getting the soul, body, and mind of your clients to relax. This is done using various products such as masks, water, and massages. The colors of your treatment rooms should be neutral tones, such as earth colors, to complement the dim lighting. For the waiting room of your establishment, opt for earth tones with a few floral tones to set the right relaxation mood.


Different water features will form a part of your day spa. Whirlpool tubs, baths, water jets, and hot springs are some of these features. The large pool should ideally be set in a private location where sun rays can penetrate. This way, your clients can tan and get a dose of vitamin D while relaxing in the pool. If you have an indoor pool, locate it near large windows to maximize the sunlight streaming into it.

Walls and Floors

The choice material for your day spa’s walls and floors is tile. Tile is easy to clean and will form a decorative element for your clients to look at as they drift into relaxation. The best tile color to use for your walls and floors is deep blue since this complements the water features and is relaxing. Tile is also hard-wearing and will withstand the constant moisture and considerable traffic in your spa.


Woman in a sauna

You should have a bathroom area with some privacy from the spa area. The ideal choice is one with a separate side door entrance that can be accessed through your spa. A few business owners will forego practicality and focus on luxury when designing their spa’s bathrooms.  Make sure that the designs you choose are private and have separate toilet spaces to maintain the practicality of your bathroom.

You cannot afford to have a shabbily done spa in your pursuit of cost-cutting when starting your business. Do not cut back on the costs of hiring the best builder to put together your day spa. This builder will have the ideal materials and construction techniques for the elements in your spa. You can rest assured that what you spend in hiring the best builder will be worth the guaranteed returns.

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