How Much Should You Spend in Utah for Professional Drywall Repairs?

Residents in Utah should expect to spend $512 on average to repair damaged drywall, although the actual price for your home will vary based on several factors.

The cost of labor serves as one reason for a more or less expensive repair. Homeowners may only need to hire a handyman to fix minor issues such as small holes, but larger problems ideally require the services of drywall contractors. In Salt Lake City, rates may depend on the size of your home and the urgency of repairs. Some contractors may charge extra for emergency repairs, so it’s better to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

When to Hire a Handyman or Contractor

If the damages involve a small crack or holes smaller than an inch in diameter, you could just hire a handyman to fix these problems. The same applies to filling in nails or screw holes. Contractors are necessary for fixing holes that are larger than five inches, when there are water damage and certain repairs for drywall ceilings.

A handyman’s rate costs $60 per hour, while professionals charge around $90 per hour. While contractors cost more, there’s a good chance of completing the work faster and more efficiently. Moreover, hiring contractors comes with the added benefit of insured individuals for your own protection.

Cause of Damages and Accompanying Costs

Workers installing drywallOnce you decide between hiring a handyman or contractor, the price of materials will be the next thing to consider for your budget. If you need to patch large holes, the price may range from $50 to $75 per square foot. You would need to spend around $9 per drywall sheet (8×4), $6 per pound of screws, $14 on every pail of mud and $4.5 on drywall tape. Those who plan to use ultra-light drywall should also expect to spend more.

Water damages will cost more aside from paying for labor and materials. In case there is a need to remove mold, the price may easily increase to $2,300. You may also need to hire a plumber if leaks caused the water damage. This will set you back another $170 to $450.

Cost of DIY Repairs

It’s possible to repair simple damages by yourself. For small cracks and chips, you could buy a basic kit with drywall mud, sandpaper and paint for only $10 to $30. However, remember that some cracks may resurface if there is a problem with the foundation.

In addition, DIY projects only make sense if you are familiar with the process of repairing drywall. Otherwise, you could end up spending more than hiring a handyman or contractor to fix your mistake. Homeowners who plan to sell their properties in the future should only consider hiring contractors to preserve the value of their houses.

Drywall repairs are best left to a professional especially if you are dealing with recurring issues, which could be a sign of a more serious problem. When choosing among drywall contractors, you should ask for at least three quotes from different full-service contractors to compare the best rates.

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