How to Know if You Are Having Septic Tank Problems

Before it gets to be a real emergency, you need to know if you are having a septic tank problem at its onset. Most septic tank issues, unfortunately, are expensive to repair, so it is best to prevent them from worsening early on. Here are some definitive warning signs.

Foul Odor

Foul odor around the drain field or septic tank is the most common as well as most noticeable sign that you are having issues with your septic tank. The odor will sometimes become so severe that it enters your home. This issue most likely arises when the plumbing is vented improperly. Or, it could also be a sign that your tank is failing and it is high time for you to call on professionals who offer septic pumping in North Bay from companies like Septivac Service.

Slow Draining

When you notice your kitchen sink, toilet, shower or bathtub draining very slowly, these could be cause for alarm. However, try to resolve the problem first with a plunger or drain-clearing solution. If these do not work, then it is almost always a septic tank issue.

Plumbing Problems

Repairing the toiletIf you can hear a gurgling sound whenever you flush the toilet or use the sink, or if you notice water and sewage from the sink or the toilet back flowing, this could be a real concern. You could be having problems with your plumbing or your septic tank is failing, especially if other signs symptomatic of this problem are present.

Algal Growth

If there’s a leak in your septic tank system, sewage will most likely drain into the surrounding area. This, in turn, will become a very good environment for algae to bloom, especially if you are near a pond or a lake.

Green Grass

Having greener grass is not always a good thing, especially if you see this only over the drainage field of the septic tank and then, all the other grass is dry or dead. This most likely means that there is a leak in your septic tank so that portion of your grass is actually receiving an unusual amount of liquid.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow through the walls of your septic tank system as well as the pipes leading to your home. When this happens, your septic tank could end up getting water from the ground. And on the other hand, sewage could also leak out to your yard, which is very hazardous.


Newer houses are built with septic tank systems installed with an alarm. So if you notice the alarm beeping or flashing the red warning sign, you will know it is time to call in professionals who specialize in septic tank maintenance and repair services.

If you notice the majority of these signs, you have to address the issues head-on so that the problems will not escalate. Do not hesitate to get the services of experts to maintain and treat your home’s septic system properly. Procrastinating will only prove to be costly in this instance.

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