Make Your Brand Visible in Many Different Levels

Branding and visibility are essential to any business. However, the concept of visibility can take on a very different meaning in today’s times.

Physical Visibility
Whether it’s a storefront, restaurant, or office, visibility is a key element to a business’ success. Make your place visible with clear signage. They can take the form of laser-scorched surfboards if you have a beachfront location in Malibu, California; neon lights if you’re in Las Vegas, Nevada; or simple signs highlighted with commercial lighting.

With easily identifiable signage and a proper facade or storefront, your business is more likely to attract traffic. A good location will increase your visibility significantly, although you can get lost in the crowd if there are too many competitors or you don’t make an effort to stand out. In an era where people rely on GPS to go almost anywhere, your location should also be visible in various media. Pin it on Google Maps and register it in the various location apps.

Word of Mouth

There’s no better advertisement than the endorsement of a close friend or kin. Next to that would be the word of an authority figure. You can get people talking about your business by simply doing a good job. You can also partner up with non-competing establishments in your community, creating a network of contacts who will endorse each other’s businesses.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful in choosing who you partner with. Having a flyer in an establishment with a bad reputation can drag down your brand and count as bad advertising. In the digital world, reviews on establishments are fairly common. Social media platforms also take the place of traditional word of mouth. A glowing review on Twitter that goes viral can make your brand explode, but a harsh one can also do the opposite.

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Making a Mark in the Digital Marketplace

Almost every major brand engages in social media. These brands have experts directing their digital image and making them more appealing to the social media mob. A digital presence also lets you interact with your clients/customers directly, particularly with purchases. Online shopping has boomed in the past 3 years. More than 80 percent of Americans have made purchases through the internet and the trend shows no sign of ebbing any time soon.

Digital sales have surpassed traditional retail in many instances in 2019 and 2020 as more people find the convenience of shopping through their phones, laptops, and desktops. An online shop will create another avenue for your brand to do business, spreading its reach and influence beyond its immediate community. It’s like opening another branch but without needing to pay rent or personnel. It’s best to open an online shop through a custom website for your brand. It makes your brand more professional and you’ll have more control over the content.

Catering to Your Most Loyal Customers/Clients

Attracting new customers/clients should always be on the top of your list, but catering to existing clients also pays big dividends. Shout out promos and specials on social media platforms and give your most loyal patrons a few freebies or bigger discounts. Place ads on content that your target market frequents.

Most digital ads can be customized and complex algorithms can predict which content is viewed by different demographics. If you’re tech-savvy, get a custom phone app for your brand. It can count as a digital membership card with a few perks, and your patrons will be walking advertising platforms as they carry your logo everywhere they go.

Visibility is essential to any brand — both in the real world and the digital. Grow your brand in the real world by expanding its presence in the digital.

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