Overlooked Storage Spaces for an Uncluttered Home

When you think you can’t create more storage space in your home, think again. Your home might still be a gold mine of storage opportunities. Most homes, whether big or tiny could still have overlooked spaces that homeowners can use for storage.

Here are some common areas where storage spaces may still be found so you can live in a clean and uncluttered home.

Underneath the Stairs

The stairs can be modified in many ways to make storage spaces for almost every item of every size. You can create shelving units on the sides of your stairs, but why just stop there when you know there is still so much space underneath?

You could create secret drawers out of stair treads to store shoes so that they do not form a trip hazard at the bottom of the stairs. For even bigger storage opportunities, turn the steps into a trap door that lifts to accommodate big and bulky items. Store bulky but infrequently used items, such as Halloween and Christmas decorations, here.

Inside Furniture Spaces

Storage for shoes

For some untapped storage opportunities, look at bulky furniture that has hollow spaces. The biggest of these is your own bed. If you have a typical bed frame with a four-legged post, purchase roll-away bins to store your beddings and other linens under it.

If your current bed doesn’t have space underneath, consider upgrading to a platform bed that has shelving space or a lift-up bed that can feature a hinge where you can store big and bulky items out of sight. To increase your floor space to make more room for storage furniture or a desk, why not turn your bed into a loft?

Other furniture can also double as storage spaces where you can neatly pack away items. These include coffee tables and ottomans and footstools. Hide items you use to entertain guests in the living area, such board or party game items.

Vertical and Ceiling Spaces

It’s common to overlook walls and ceiling spaces when considering storage solutions, but these areas can really be used in a variety of ways to host your possessions. Don’t just think of walls as a blank slate to hang your pictures and artwork on.

Walls can also serve as a highly versatile storage space. You could hang peg boards for a customisable storage solution where you can use hooks and baskets to organise your things with. Also, consider installing shelves along the perimeter of the room so you could get clutter off the floor.

Ceilings can also hold up a variety of items. Hang sturdy racks overhead on the ceilings in your garage, pantry or basement spaces. Whatever option you chose, make sure you have a stable and reliable step stool or movable stairs to help you access your items.

If you want an organised and uncluttered home to promote calm at the end of every day, finding storage spaces to serve as a home for your things is key. Every home, no matter how small could still have hidden storage space potentials. Consider these often overlooked areas.

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