Remodeling Ideas of a Larger Home for a Growing Household

A house that has been a home for multiple generations will need to grow to adjust to the growing household. If the current homeowner doesn’t modify the house, it will become increasingly uncomfortable to live in as time passes by.

If you have a small budget, you can start with minimal upgrades here and there. However, there will come a time where you will need to remodel your house entirely. When that time comes, you should hire a general contractor, especially if you’re doing multiple remodels.

To upgrade your home for a growing household, you will need to work on all its areas. Here are some ideas you should keep in mind during home remodeling.

Storage Space

Tidy up and reorganize during a spring cleaning season so that you can keep your home clutter-free. However, there will come a time that your decluttering won’t be able to handle your household’s possessions. If that happens, you’ll need to improve your storage space.

The usual solution is to create a storage room, although not all houses can accommodate that. Another option you can consider is converting your home’s empty areas into storage spaces.  A few examples are under your bed or your staircase.

If you have an attic, install shelves along the rafters to increase your storage space and make the organization easier. Your storage space isn’t limited to inside the house—if you have a large yard, then you can also have a storage shed built on your yard.


Preparing your meals together with your family is a bonding activity that teaches them how to cook and clean up after themselves. Most starting kitchens, however, can only accommodate two to three people. Here are a few remodeling suggestions you can try for your kitchen.

Install counters and kitchen islands. These will provide resting places and increase the workspace in the room. Moving around the kitchen while you’re cooking will be easier since you won’t have people standing around and getting in the way.

kitchen remodelling

If your children like helping out, modify the kitchen to accommodate them. You should have counters at various heights so that the little ones can also lend a hand. More importantly, childproof your kitchen by storing your cutlery out of reach and softening sharp counter edges.

In need of more storage space but don’t have a pantry? Have a professional in Salt Lake City install more kitchen cabinets alongside your new counters and islands.


Your bathroom will experience a lot of activities, especially when everyone is preparing for the day. Avoid bumping into each other and make the bathroom more comfortable to use with these pointers.

Add another vanity and sink to make morning preparations less hectic. If your children are too short for the sink, consider installing another one at a lower height. One or two full-length mirrors are a welcome addition if your household spends a lot of time working on their appearance.

Reduce the chance of slipping accidents by placing rubber mats and installing easy-to-reach wall handlebars. Consider dividing your bathroom into wet and dry areas, as slippery tiles are the largest risk factors when it comes to falling accidents.

Family Room

Make your family room a comfortable place to stay in by keeping these suggestions in mind. Go for a relaxing theme during remodeling. Paint your walls in neutral or calming colors such as brown, dark blue, or dark green, and use plush furniture and soft blankets for a cozier family night.

If you can’t afford these upgrades right now, don’t resort to haphazard, short-term solutions. Patiently save up and be on the lookout for flash sales if you want to be more cost-effective. If you know any subcontractors, consider asking them for a small discount.

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