Selling your homes: preparing for inspection

It might be a new job, a promotion, a growing family, or simply wanting to move somewhere new, moving homes is an inevitable part of life. Now that you’ve decided to move houses, preparation is needed to ensure a smooth transition.

One of the preparations needed to be taken care of is selling your house. Doing a thorough inspection can help you find any unseen issues, as well as address these issues so you can sell the house at the best price.

Consider tapping into a home inspector so they can thoroughly go through your home and give you a heads up on what needs to be fixed before selling.

Check for molds and pests

A house that has molds and pests may stop potential buyers from checking out your house. Molds and pests pose health hazards.

First, check around for any mold or pest infestations in your house. Molds tend to live in the dark, damp places such as the attic or the basement. Pests can live anywhere, so it’s best always to maintain cleanliness around your house to prevent them from breeding.

You can hire a pest control specialist to get rid of the infestation. Mold removal experts can also help you clear out mold.

Look into the septic system

Check your septic system if your house has one. Some states even require homeowners to have septic systems tested before selling their houses! Failure to produce a clean bill of health will prevent lenders from producing a loan for the house.

A septic system has three main components: the septic tank, leach field, and a distribution box. These three components must be in tiptop shape before the house is sold. Have the system repaired for any damages.

Consider your home plumbing, electricity, and heating
sink plumbing

Next, check your house’s plumbing, electricity, and heating systems. Buyers want a home with reliable systems because replacing them would be expensive and time-consuming.

Before selling the house, have a house inspector check the state of these systems and assess them for repairs or replacements. They don’t have to be updated, but they do need to function correctly. However, if your electrical system is outdated, you may lose a market of buyers that lead a digital lifestyle.

Go over your house’s foundation too

A strong foundation is vital for a home to be liveable. A good foundation can help your house stand against earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Have an inspector help you determine if your house foundation needs repairs. Foundation problems can be costly to fix, so a stable foundation is a plus for potential homeowners. Ensure that any house foundation repairs are settled before putting the house up for sale.

Oversee the well water inspection

Does your house have a well? This will need to be inspected too. Potential homeowners would want to know if thewell water is potable and if it can hold enough supply for their families. They also want to ensure that the water is not contaminated by anything.

Before selling, have the water tested out. While the Environmental Protection Agency does not make water testing obligatory for private homes, it’s best to have it tested for water quality and any presence of germs in the water.


Selling a house is a big feat, but if your house fixtures are functioning well, you can expect a good offer for it.

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