Startup Aesthetics: How to Decorate Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Smart companies understand that the environment of an office reflects the company’s values, brand and culture. However, it doesn’t stop there. The experts from Zircon Interiors say that office spaces should be functional, crisp and promote efficiency.

The motivation and productivity of your employees may be influenced by their work environment. For example, Auckland University of Technology reported that employees who work in open-plan offices are more distracted and uncollaborative than those in traditional workspaces.

For startups, productivity is a major factor that will drive your business to success. Consider these suggestions if you want to ensure that your office is designed to boost efficiency.

Choose the right colours

According to psychological studies, colours can influence people’s emotions. The colour that you choose for your office may have an impact on the overall behaviour of your employees. A blue and grey office gives off a relaxing vibe, but you want your employees to focus. Warm colours like yellow and orange can energise and increase their concentration. You may also mix and match. The carpet of your office can be a dark shade of blue and the walls a soft yellow. It will set the aesthetics of your office as an efficient space that’s easy on the eyes.

Optimise the lighting

Lighting is very important when it comes to designing your office. It supports visual perception and enhances the clarity of the workspace. A poorly-lit office can cause a lot of accidents and mistakes during work. A harshly-lit office can also cause eye strain and headaches due to direct lighting. These problems eventually lead to low productivity.

Instead of using direct fluorescent lights, opt for indirect lighting and soft lighting sources like lamps. Also, maximise the amount of natural light in your office. It’s free and comes with health benefits, like helping our bodies to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D can decrease the stress levels of your employees and improve their mood, which is helpful if you want your employees to work productively.

Get personal and creative

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Bare walls are usually a sign that a company is all work and no play. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun and choose a design that broadcasts the values of your company. You can pin up motivational messages, daily health checklists or posters with the company’s vision. This lets your employees know that you care about them and what they’re doing for your business.

If your workplace requires your employees to have their own desks or cubicles, allow them to redecorate their spaces. For example, they might want to have a photo of their family and friends or a cork board filled with their personal goals and interests. Letting them decorate their own space can motivate them to work harder since they’re in a space surrounded by their own mementoes and the things they love.

Provide a social space

A social space allows your employees to rest during their breaks and catch up with one another. This space encourages them to talk about their personal lives and create bonds with one another.’

According to the Harvard Business Review, “close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.” Moreover, they state that people who are close friends with their workmates are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work. A social space for your employees opens up the potential for better internal relations in the company, which also boosts efficiency during work hours.

Workplace design can be overlooked as a factor to maximising the productivity of employees. But a well-planned office makes it easier for people to complete tasks efficiently. The design also affects their health and engagement with other employees – contributing to the company’s overall productivity.

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