Storefront Savvy: Calling Attention to Your Small Art and Crafts Shop

Small businesses that are in quiet, peaceful areas of the country may not always draw a lot of attention. These stores, particularly those that cover special interests such as arts and crafts, often have to wait for days before a sale. If you own a small store dedicated to artistic hobbies like painting, sculpting or drawing, you can try out these ideas to reach more people.

Spruce Up Your Store Front

People like newness and will flock towards a shop that has some construction or change going on in the front of their building. While this might seem strange and costly, a newfangled storefront with a commercial garage door from Utah would look great in a small town. If that sounds preposterous, why not get bigger, sturdier glass windows to make your displays more visible? Top that off with soft, yellow lighting for that bit of drama and you’ve got yourself a shop worth inspecting and entering.

Display Finished Work

It’s great to have a storefront that promotes your art supplies in beautiful positions. Still, it’s often much easier to convince buyers of their quality when there are finished drawings, paintings, and carvings accompanying them. For sure, there are local artists who would love to have their work displayed in a public place. You can offer them various samples of your items, straightforward cash payment, or even give them a chance to promote their classes.

Offer Lessons and Workshops

Collaborations with local artists often lead to great workshop events for your stores. This will come naturally when you sell art supplies. If the artists you hired to make finished work know how to teach young learners or even adults who want to rekindle their passion for painting, drawing, or any other art form, then this is the perfect opportunity to let them shine. Set up a small area in your shop that can be used as the workshop space or convert an unused room for teaching groups of five and above.

Promote Online

woman labeling a package that will be delivered

Thanks to the Internet, you can now sell to customers from distant places without ever seeing them. Yes, it can be daunting to build an online shop from scratch, but you can hire a professional to do that for you. You can even set up a free social media website that doesn’t require plenty of management, as long as your posts are consistent, your pictures are visually appealing, and they know how to buy or even visit you.

Do Small Events

There is always a reason to celebrate, and being an art store, you can get into many parties happening around you. Weddings, birthdays, company meetings, and even schools can greatly benefit from art, particularly if you have people who are good at hosting, teaching, and creating activities for specific ventures.

Art is slowly but surely becoming a big deal for people again. People want to go back to the beauty and aesthetics of holding a piece of charcoal in their hands and creating portraits, figures, and still life. Keep pushing, be passionate about your wares, and people will come to you from far and wide.

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