Suggestions for Building a Basement Video Game Room in Your Home

The video game craze has been growing ever since the video game crash of 1984. We’ve come from simple games like Pong, to the 16-bit wonders such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong, to the 3D world of the first PlayStation. Now we’re even enjoying virtual reality games that seem to bridge the gap and blur the line between the game world and the real one. If you’re into video games and you have the money, it’s time that your home has its room dedicated to playing and appreciating these wonderful pieces of technological advancement. You can achieve it by remodeling your basement.

Sound System

One aspect of gaming is the sound effects. If you happened to own an Atari back then, the sound might have been a weird but wonderful experience. Today’s games have a more realistic approach to it, such that even real songs are implemented in games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. For a greater experience, a sound system that provides and surrounds the room with the atmosphere that you’re in a world of fantasy makes for a good reality. Of course, it also helps to have good acoustics thanks to a certified Kansas City basement remodeling company.


Current games have graphics that can’t be fully appreciated without seeing them in high definition on a 55-inch screen. If you want to put up a rad gaming room, purchasing a large TV or monitor is a must. It doesn’t just let you enjoy the technical marvels of your games but also lets you immerse in its graphical experience. Imagine seeing a work of art move and do other actions with a simple button press. Other hardware such as mice, keyboards and controllers are now being made solely for gaming. You can even buy a comfortable gaming chair that’ll help you withstand long hours of “quests”.

gaming keyboard, controller, headset


Playing video games can mean hours of fun, and with that also comes the screaming and shouting apart from the sound system. If you want your kids or even yourself to enjoy the playtime while someone else is reading quietly in the living room, then soundproofing would be vital. You can consult interior remodeling or design companies about your best options for making the excitement and the noise stay in the room. We all know how being scolded for being too loud while you’re having fun is a bummer.


Since you have quite a bit of hardware and other items in the room, you would also want a lot of storage for it. Cupboards or storage cabinets can be fitted in the room for this purpose. After all, even if you’re having a good time, you should still clean up after yourself. A tidier space is also a safer place.

Back in the day, people simply bought the consoles or computers and played them in the living room. And that’s whenever parents gave their permission or if one got invited to a friend’s house. Nowadays, more effort and research are being put into video games, to the point that it has now become an art form because of the stunning visuals and sounds. Let the newer generation enjoy the beauty of these and watch your children thank you for the rest of their lives.

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