Must-Have Items for Tiny Bedrooms

If you’re having a hard time fitting all your things into your bedroom, you’re not alone. Many people, no matter the size of the room, also have this problem. 

But your bedroom is different from other rooms in the house because it’s where you rest, relax and recharge.

Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging because you want to make it look aesthetic and beautiful while being functional as well. 

So we’ve listed down items that can help you utilize the space in your bedroom in a stylish and functional way.

Read on to learn about these five must-have items for your small bedroom and start decorating with both ease and functionality.

1. Use a compact desk 

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For people working from home, having a desk in the room is very important. But it could be difficult to feel comfortable in your bedroom when your workstation is occupying a large chunk of the space.

Traditional desks won’t solve your space problem. This is where compact desks come in. 

A compact desk is a great way to save space in a small bedroom. By using a smaller desk, you can free up floor space and comfortably use the desk as a workspace.

The good news is that because many people are using laptops for work, there are a variety of compact desks and small desk designs that you can choose from.

The important thing to look for when choosing a small desk is for the desk to not only be tiny but also have enough space for your laptop, a mouse, and maybe a small lamp or coffee.

2. Use a headboard with built-in storage 

A multifunctional bed is a must for any small bedroom. A headboard with built-in storage is an excellent way to save space. The headboard can be used to store books, blankets, pillows, and other items, freeing up floor space in the process.

3. Use corner shelves

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Make use of every corner in the room. Corner areas of the room are often overlooked when it comes to designing a space. It becomes an awkward space that most people don’t know how to handle. 

But knowing how to utilize the corner areas of the room will help you make use of it and add storage areas that will also look stylish.

By using corner shelves, you can free up floor space and use the shelves to store books, CDs, DVDs, and other items.

There are different types of corner shelves. You have wall-mounted shelving units, hanging shelves, and rectangular shelves which you could use if you have jutting corners in your room. 

In its simplest form, you can install floating shelves in the corner areas of your room. They are low-key but stylish and can store lots of necessities like bags, books, or toiletries.

4. Use lights 

Filling up your room with light can make the room feel larger than it really is. You can take advantage of natural lighting by replacing dark curtains with brighter ones, or opting for curtains instead of blinds. 

If you don’t have access to natural light, then you can always install lighting fixtures. An overhead light, an accent lamp, or even a plug-in one can provide your room with the glow and positive ambiance it needs.

Just make sure to turn off unused lights to conserve energy and lower your electric bills too.

5. Use lots of mirrors

Mirrors are essential if you have a small space. Having one will make your room feel less stuffy and much bigger. You can buy a full-length mirror and put it on your door or wall. It’s functional because you can use it to check your reflection or view your outfits, and it’s a decorative piece that will expand any room.

Also, since mirrors reflect light, it’s also an excellent light source.

Maximize Your Space

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A small room isn’t a problem. Creativity and knowledge about design will play an important role in creating a comfortable and functional space., this goes for any part of your home.

Aside from the five things listed above, you can also get fitted furniture or overhead units installed in your room. They are excellent for adding extra storage if you want to free up floor space or if you no longer have space on the floor. 

Another tip is to choose the right bed. Sofa beds, murphy beds, or loft beds are some excellent choices for people who are looking for both comfort, style, and functionality.

The important thing to remember is to keep it minimal. You want a bedroom that’s simple, neat, and clutter-free. Cleanliness is also crucial if you want to be comfortable. Keep these tips in mind and you’re on your way to making the most out of every space in your bedroom.

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