Top Five Reasons Your Dog Pees in the House

Having a pet entails a huge responsibility. Expect that there will be accidents now and then, especially if your dog is not house trained yet. Although it is not their fault, you will undoubtedly feel frustrated if your dog continually pees inside your house, for instance.

To address this concern, the first step that you need to take is to know the cause of the issue and address it immediately. So, why does your dog pee inside your home?

Lack of house training

You are not alone in facing this kind of problem. The truth is that peeing inside the house is fairly common in dogs. But you can easily address this kind of issue while your pet is still a puppy. The process of teaching puppies may take a while, but they will certainly learn how to do it through constant training.

Urinary tract infection

If dogs suddenly start to pee inside the house even if they are house trained, there is a chance that they might be suffering from urinary tract infection. It is best to bring them to your veterinarian for an examination.

Your vet will have your dog undergo urinalysis to see if there is any bacterial infection or abnormal cell growth in their urine. If the results turn out to be positive, the next course of action is to have your pet take antibiotics.


Another factor that causes dogs to pee all over the house is stress. Any changes in the family or in the home, for example, renovation, may cause your dog to feel stressed. A child going to college or a divorce can also cause distress to most dogs.

Meanwhile, remodeling can lead to a few house-training issues, too. Dogs would sometimes feel confused and anxious every time workers come through and from their house.

Dogs can sometimes be territorial. Even putting a new carpet with a different smell than the old can cause some dogs to feel the need to leave their scent. In this case, you might need to get professional services for pet urine removal in West Jordan.

Changes in routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. They often feel comfortable following the same routine each day. Any changes with their pattern of behavior might cause them to have a hard time coping with it. If it is indispensable, then do the changes gradually to give your dog some time to adjust.

Health problems

Sick dog

Inconsistency with urinary behavior is common among senior dogs. However, it is also possible for a dog that is still young to develop it. If your dog is leaking or leaving urine on the floor during naps, there is a chance that your pet is not aware that it is happening and has no control over it. Specific health issues may lead to urinary problems such as diabetes mellitus, kidney disease and Cushing’s disease.

It is best to get in touch with the vet to check on your pet’s health. If left untreated, their urinary problem may worsen and cause more health issues in the future.

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