Typical Problems to Note with Garage Door

Garage doors are guaranteed to face operational problems at some point in their operational life. Some of the issues are due to degradation of the garage door accessories. Others arise from a problem in the functional mechanisms, notes a Cairns-based garage doors specialist. It is essential you understand the different issues that you can experience with a garage door. It will help you to know the causes so you can know what to do when you encounter garage door problems. Below are the common issues that garage door owners face with their garage doors:

Misaligned Tracks

One of the parts of a garage door is a track which forms the part which the door rolls over when opening and closing. The tracks which are mostly of metal can get misaligned over the time of use. The best way of checking the misalignment is checking any bends in the track or gaps in between rollers and rails. Misaligned tracks cause the door to make a lot of noise when the door gets to that point as it cannot move past the point.

Loud Noises

A functional garage door produces minimal noise during the opening and closing operation. However, if the noise is too loud, it is a sign that there is a bigger underlying problem. The sound can be screeching, grinding, or squealing, and indicate that you have neglected garage door maintenance. The major causes of a noisy garage door are inadequate door lubrication. Also, debris within the door’s track and excess friction in the door operation can cause the noise.

repairman fixing the garage doorDead Batteries

Automatic garage doors rely on a signal to either open or close the door. The science behind the sending of a signal depends on a transmitter which is battery-powered. If you instruct the door to open and it does not, the high probability is that the batteries in the transmitter are dead. The solution to this problem is getting new batteries for your transmitter and get the garage door working again.

Misalignment of Photo Eyes

Garage doors contain transmitters on either side to identify anything that might stand in the track. The transmitters function as a safety precaution measure. It protects the door from slamming into anything causing property damage or harm to people. Once they detect anything in the track, the door remains open. When the photo eyes have a misalignment, the garage door can slam into something or something and cause serious damage or injuries.

Broken Cables

When closing or opening a door, the process should be slow and gradual because of the cables and tension springs in the door structure. If the cables have broken, the door will come down fast and cause potential damage to your door or anything in the way of the door.

The above are potential problems you can experience with most garage doors. You can spot some of these problems by the noise and general degradation of the door’s performance. However, garage doors could experience problems that you cannot spot. Therefore, always consult with an expert garage doors installer for accurate diagnostics. Also, schedule for frequent operational maintenance, recommends a Cairns-based garage door specialist.

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