What You Need to Know About Filtration Soiling

Carpets bring life to any room. It never goes out of style, and it gives an ordinary room a little artistic pop. Yet, it is not just something that you put in your home to increase its aesthetic value. It also tells when your home is due for an intensive cleaning session.

Over time, light-colored carpets show black lines that appear on their base. They look dirty and unsightly and can ruin the mood for people who have guests often. These lines are called filtration soil lines, and they can indicate that there is something wrong with your HVAC system. While you may want to call your trusted carpet cleaner to keep your carpet clean and neat, it is also a sign that you are due for HVAC maintenance.

These filtration soil lines are dark, unwanted lines that can be found on your carpet or your upholstered couch. It can also appear on door trimmings. This happens because air is forced into your space at a faster or higher rate in the area through your HVAC system. As the air looks for alternative routes, they end up landing in a carpet, a wall trim, or the edge of a closed door.

Your carpet, wall trim, or door acts as a filter. Your HVAC system also attracts pollutants like dust and smoke. When these pollutants escape your HVAC system, they land on these “filters,” which causes these lines.

Filtration soil lines can smell or have moisture and stains. These lines can also reflect on your health. Because of poor air quality inside your home, one can experience allergies and other respiratory issues. Pollutants can include substances like pet fur, pollen, and mites.

Filtration soiling is not because you do not clean your floors enough. Although not sweeping or vacuuming your home often enough could contribute to worsened filtration soiling, this also happens to homes that are frequently cleaned. It should not be seen as a reflection of one’s cleaning abilities.

Getting rid of filtration soiling

vacuum cleaner

Unwanted carpet lines caused by filtration soiling can be very frustrating to get rid of. Because these particles are fine and end up on your carpet’s fibers, fully removing the lines can take a lot of work. These lines can be removed professionally, but there is no assurance that the carpet will look brand-new.

Many professionals use hot water extraction or steam cleaning. For this method, a cleaning solution is added to water to remove the soiling. For best results, have your carpets cleaned every six months to a year.

How to prevent filtration soiling from happening

A good start to preventing soiling is to have a regular HVAC cleanup and maintenance. It is recommended to clean ducts every year for the best results. As filtration soiling is caused by the extreme forcing of air through the vents, it can pick up pollutants in the ducts and takes them to your home. It would also be useful to change air filters regularly. There are long-lasting filters available in the market. These will help trap pollutants from going through your system’s ducts.

Another foolproof way to prevent filtration soiling is to eliminate gaps that can be possible passageways for air. Keep your room doors open so that air can travel freely around the area. This will prevent dirty air from landing on the carpet and under closed doors.

These gaps between your carpet and baseboard trimmings can be sealed with a foam sealant. Pull the carpet from its original area to clean its surroundings. You may need extra help in reinstalling your carpets. When in doubt, ask how to do it with a stretcher for a cleaner carpet sealing job.

Reducing pollutants is also a way to get rid of the problem. For better air quality in your home, avoid smoking indoors. Particles from cigarettes or vapes can be trapped in your ducts, which can worsen pollution in your home.

Burning candles with the doors and windows closed can also worsen air quality. Make sure to burn your candles with caution, and if possible, with the doors and windows opened. Vacuuming and dusting frequently can also prevent dirt collection in your ducts. But if you really cannot avoid this, settle for a dark-colored carpet that would not show these lines.

Filtration soil lines are normal but can be prevented with proper care. It is recommended to have ducts and carpets to be cleaned often. But if you smoke indoors, have a pet, or cook frequently at home, it is better to do HVAC maintenance and carpet cleaning as often as you can.

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