3 Uses of Door Furniture You’ve Never Thought of Before

When it comes to dressing up and sprucing up a door, updating the furniture and door handles is a sure-fire way to give it a whole new look. But did you know there is are other creative uses for these handles? Below are three ways.

1. Organiser Board

Aside from reviving old furniture, door handles can also be used to make a one of a kind organiser board. These boards can be used as a desk organiser to hold keys, paper, and pens; as an accessories organiser to keep jewellery in one place; or an entryway organiser board where you can hang your keys, stash the mail, and keep other daily essentials in one place.

Knobs and minibar pulls make the best holders for keys and accessories, while the longer bar pulls are best for holding mail and paper. Bar pulls can also be used as a towel holder and when turned upside down, a vintage pull can be used to hold small items like paper clips, bobby pins, and other small piece items.

2. A Busy Board

Keep toddlers busy with a sensory play board that’s made with different door handles, drawer pulls, and other knick-knacks like springs, bolt locks, and switches. Toddlers are especially curious about these things and are very interested in learning about the things around them. Handles, pulls, switches, springs, and bolt locks pique their curiosity about how these things work.

These items encourage toddlers to use their five senses to learn and improve their motor skills and analytical skills. Pulls and handles are among the safest items to include for use on a busy board and also come in different shapes and sizes, which toddlers find highly interesting.

3. Wooden Toys

Children drawing beside wooden toysCreate one of a kind DIY kids’ toys using various shapes and sizes of wooden handles and pulls. Wood is one of the easiest and best materials to work with as it’s easy to assemble and decorate. By putting together different types of pulls and handles, you can create wooden doll figures and you can either use non-toxic paint to spruce them up or coloured markers to draw on them.

The best part of making these toys? These can also be used as decorative pieces to jazz up your coffee table or liven up your shelves when they’ve outlived their purpose as toys. And if the kids love DIY projects, making toys using different wooden pulls and handles will be an awesome activity for them.

As you can see, these nifty hardware find has plenty of uses other than sprucing up the look of doors and furniture and breathing new life into it. There’s a lot to be said about the versatility of these accessories as they can create a subtle yet impactful change in the overall look of a space or create one of a kind, unique items that are practical, useful, and easy to make.

If you’ve never thought of using these materials in this manner before, now is the best time to get creative and make your own boards using these hardware pieces. Looking for a DIY project or an activity to do with the kids over the weekend? Create quirky and fun boards using different pulls and handles. We guarantee you, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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