Ways to Make Your Home Fireproof

Residential fires in the United States of America accounted for about 1,800 fatalities in 2016, according to a report by the U.S. Fire Administration. Of all the 364, 300 reported fires, 50.3% came from cooking, while 9.6% came from heating equipment. If these statistics are anything to go by, you should make fireproofing your home a priority.

Making a home fireproof is an excellent idea for every homeowner. However, many people find themselves not knowing where to start. Is a sprinkler system for your Utah home good enough or should you go for any additional systems? If you are thinking along the same lines but not really coming close to a solution, these three tips can help you make your home much safer:

Use Fireproof Materials in Construction

The material used to build your home is essential when it comes to fireproofing. The most crucial parts are the roofs and sidings, which cover a huge percentage of the house. Make sure to use fireproof materials such as tile, concrete, or metal for these areas. Use metal in window frames and avoid too much plastic and wood on the decks. If you need to use wood in some sections or even for the entire siding, make sure that it has been treated using fire-resistant chemicals.

A smoke detector fire alarmInstall Sensors

Fire and smoke sensors will alert you immediately they detect smoke or fire in your house. This allows you to determine the source and put it out before it is too late. When purchasing sensors, make sure to go for reputable brands to get accurate notifications. You should also place them strategically around your house, especially in places that fires are likely to start. For more efficiency, get smart models that can send you notifications directly to your smartphone no matter your location.

Reduce Potential Fire Sources

You cannot fireproof your home if you don’t reduce the possible causes of fires. If you have power lines next to your home, you should make sure that there aren’t any tree branches around. Candles are also potential causes of fires in homes. Make sure that they are placed in stable candle holders when in use and store them afterward. It is also equally essential to ensure that cooking and heating appliances are turned off when not in use.

Keeping your home safe from potential fires is a demanding process that requires a combination of having the right safety features and being careful around potential fire sources. This can prove to be a hurdle when you have children, but it isn’t impossible.

Protecting your loved ones and your investments are essential when it comes to fireproofing a home. Therefore, you should not only invest in prevention and detection methods but also in tools that can help in fighting fires. Make sure to get a fire extinguisher, ladders, and a plan in place in case the worst happens. You should also prepare your family to let them know of the steps to follow in case there is a fire. If you don’t know much about protecting yourself, your family, and your property from fires, why not talk to a reliable fire protection specialist?

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