4 Professional Methods of Carpet Installation

Wooden floors — be it laminate, solid, or engineered — are currently one of the best-looking choices for residential and commercial properties. Though a bit expensive compared to other materials, these floors are renowned for their durability, which makes them worth the expense.

This type of flooring, however, requires protection so they would still look good and last long. While it is a given that wood is durable, wear and tear is something you cannot prevent from happening. This is why Orange County, CA homeowners go for hardwood flooring protection like carpeting. This allows you to personalize the colors of your floors to match the elements in your interiors — but, that is if you don’t mind covering the floor.

The following are the available techniques for carpeting of your floors:

Direct Glue Down Technique

Here, your carpeting will be directly glued to the floor. The floor, in this case, should be completely smooth since any bump will be seen through your carpet and remain visible.

Direct glue down carpet application guarantees a solid base and minimal movement of your carpet, which is a good support for rolling traffic like wheelchairs. This technique is suitable for large rooms, and the carpet seams will not peak since there is no risk of flexing.

Glued down carpets, however, offer less insulation compared to double glued down carpets due to the lack of a pad between the floor and carpet.

Double Glue Down Technique

Here, the carpet is glued onto a densified pad, which is subsequently glued onto your floor. Compared to the glue down technique, this installation option is more comfortable, durable, and offers more insulation for your building. The double glue down installation method is, however, more expensive.

Stretch-in Technique

This is often used in residential areas. In this technique, a padding is nailed on wood strips along the edge of your room. The padding will be secured to your floor in the center of your room. A carpet is then attached to the pins on the edge of your room and stretched to fit.

The stretch-in carpet installation method guarantees a comfortable carpet and high insulation. Moreover, it is quick and will extend the durability of your carpets. It is, however, not suited for rolling traffic and large spaces.

Cut-to-Fit Technique

Man fitting carpet

Here, your carpeting will be cut to fit a specific room then loosely laid rather than attached on your floors. The cut-to-fit method is generally used for places where a landlord does not allow carpet installation or wet areas, like porches and bathrooms, where the carpet is removed frequently to clean and dry the floor. The carpet in this instance will easily shift and is not so durable.

Most property owners opt to carpet the high-traffic sections of their building and leave other sections of their floor exposed to showcase the design of their wooden floors. Others will choose to have their entire wooden floor carpeted. Regardless of your choice, professional installation should be your first choice to guarantee that your floors are well protected.

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