Wallpapers: Choosing the Right Type and Some Maintenance Tips

Painting the walls is great, but decorating with wallpapers undeniably adds more uniqueness and personality to your home. Adding wallpaper is becoming more common and if you find yourself taking this route as well, be prepared because there are many options available. From color and style to patterns, the options could be overwhelming. You can shop for elegant designer wallpapers online and see for yourself just how much the design options seem to be endless.

Here are some tips on choosing the right wallpaper and maintaining it properly:

Choosing a Wallpaper

Consider the style of the room where you are hanging the wallpaper. For example, delicate, pastel-colored floral wallpapers would fit in a romantic-style room. Faux finishes like beadboard and stucco would be better for casual-style rooms. Wallpapers with geometric patterns and metallic accents are best for contemporary or fashion-forward-style rooms. Traditional, vintage-style rooms would require no other than wallpapers with intricate detailing.

Be clear about how you would use the wallpaper. Will you cover all the walls or just use it as an accent in one corner? If you’re covering an entire wall, your room can have a fresh contemporary look with simple striped wallpapers hung horizontally. For accent walls, make them stand out by choosing bolder styles. A hint of gloss, metallics, or mica on your wallpaper would give the walls more glamour.

If you have chair rails, an expert recommends trying paintable beadboard wallpapers for the wall below it. You can also choose dramatic and damasks styles. And for the wall above the chair rail, large-scale floral or damask styles is suggested.

Choosing small patterns aren’t advised for first-times. It’s because small pattern designs can be difficult to match up in repeat, potentially ruining your wall instead of beautifying it. The wallpaper’s backing paper will also be crucial. If you see yourself having plans of stripping them off in the future, choose wallpapers with a non-woven backing.

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Wallpaper Maintenance

Vacuum textured wallpapers regularly using the soft brush attachment. Start at the top and gradually work your way down. If you notice some cobwebs, don’t brush them away because they may leave streaks on the walls. Instead, lift them up with the vacuum. For non-textured wallpapers, you can use a microfiber cloth or a clean white cloth to remove the dust.

To get rid of stains and dirt, use a product called wallpaper dough. Form a ball out of the dough and then roll it all over the wallpaper. Let all the dirt stick to the dough and when it gets too dirty, expose a cleaner surface by kneading the dirt into the center of the dough.

Natural coverings such as fabric wallpapers cannot be washed with water, or else, it would get damaged. Test your wallpaper’s reaction to water by dabbing a few liquid soap and water mixture to it. If the material darkens and the colors run, it means the water is damaging it, so use only a wallpaper dough to clean it.

Adding wallpaper seems to take a lot of work, considering all the tips mentioned above. But if you’re truly determined in making your home more stylish and posh, the work involved shouldn’t stop you. Choosing wallpapers can be fun and you will get accustomed to maintaining them in no time.

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