Adding That Timeless Touch to Your Home

Every decade has seen its fair share of home design cliché. What seems like a smart decorating choice at present may end up being a source of embarrassment after a few years. This is why unless you’re planning to redecorate your home once every few years, at a cost, of course, it’s best to just stick to timeless home designs that will stand the test of time.

But, what exactly makes a home design timeless? Have you ever tried flipping through the pages of an old interior design magazine thinking that you could actually be looking at designs from today? Why is it that some homes trying to pass off as vintage look old and passe instead, while others always look sleek and modern? Most importantly, how can you turn a home into something that will not look dated in the next few years?

Trends are meant to come and go, but timeless home interior designs will always look charming no matter what era it is. When done right, your home will have that elegant, sophisticated feel you’ll be able to enjoy for decades. So, here are some of the best decorating ideas for your home that will never go out of style:

Antique Pieces

To add that sense of history and nostalgia to your living space, many expert interior designers highly recommend investing in solid antique pieces. Even though antiques are often reflective of the past, they can turn into timeless pieces when effectively combined with other furnishings and styles. They’re good investments because you know they’ll last for many years.

Fireplaces and Chimneys

fireplace in a beautiful luxury home

Choosing to put fireplaces in your living room can be a little challenging; after all, some fireplace designs can add an archaic feel to your home. Fireplace doors in shiny gold, for example, may seem very old-fashioned, and it’s certainly not the classic look you’re trying to imagine.

When you’re looking for a nice focal point in your living area, fireplaces are often a smart choice, whether they’re for decorative purposes or are actually going to be a functional piece. With fireplace and chimney repair in Connecticut, you can turn an old fireplace into a luxurious addition to your home design.

Warm, Neutral Tones

Every year, people in the design industry are focusing on the color of the year. When decorating a home, however, be careful about incorporating whatever the so-called color of the year is. They’re fun and exciting, and these can be bold choices for your home. But, as the name suggests, they’re usually just the color for that year; they won’t stand the test of time. Instead, incorporate these colors into your accessories and accent pieces; don’t turn them into the main palette of your overall home design.

Finally, another way to design a timeless room is by steering away from oversized couches and overly decorated, busy patterns and textures. To truly get that design that will look classy for many years, keep this design principle in mind: less is often more.

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