Designing Your House Using the Principles of Dressing Up

You choose clothes based on factors that are important to you. Some prefer comfort over looks, while others try to be trendy even if they have to suffer for what they consider beauty. It’s becoming prevalent to find a healthy balance among these factors, however. You can choose comfortable clothes that still look trendy so that you will not have to suffer the whole time you’re wearing them.

The principles that you use to choose your clothes to hit that happy middle can also be used in designing your house.

The Right Fit

When shopping for clothes, you do not simply take the item in whatever size you pick up first. You want it to be the right fit for you so that it will flatter your body and features. Even if you fancy oversized items, you would still look at the size to make sure you are getting a size that is loose enough but not extraordinarily so. For your house, you want each room to be liveable, which means that you want to give them enough floor area to house everything you need. Bedrooms, for instance, should have plenty of wiggle room, and the living area should have enough seating for each member of the family.

The Right Combination

home with orange and brown theme

Fashion has evolved and trends come and go, but when it comes to mixing prints, you need to be very wise and skilled to pull it off. You will also need the confidence to own the ensemble you chose, especially if they are composed of bold colors in a striking combination. For both dressing and home designing, there needs to be a balance and a theme. You could be going for monochromatic or perhaps you want a vintage look. Detail matters. From the staircase design ideas to the trimmings, accessories or decor, your choices need to be deliberate and they should contribute to the overall theme. Of course, contrasting themes can also work wonders, such as distressed jeans and a cardigan or a modern home with antique elements. It all depends on how you balance these style ideas.

Be You

There are basic principles to consider so that your home and your outfit will look conventionally beautiful, but still, the most important factor to consider is your personal style. Your home could be the most trendy property on the block and your outfit could include all the latest runway trends, but if they do not resonate with your personality, none of that matters. At the end of the day, you will still be better off following what you want instead of letting trends dictate you. Rules, of course, have to be followed, especially for zoning and building codes, but a few details here and there that will be unique to your house can be allowed.

Fashion and home design have rules that guide you in coming up with a beautiful outfit or home. However, you should still leave some room to show a little bit of yourself in the outcome.

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