Checklist of Things to Consider After You Move

Moving is one of the more complicated things you’ll be doing over the course of your life—and for good reasons, as moving can take weeks of preparation for one day (or a couple of days) of frantic work. There’s a ton of things that you should always keep in mind before you move, but you’ll be able to relax as soon as you unpack your boxes, right?

Well, not really. If you have a checklist of things to do before you move, there are also a few things that you should absolutely pay attention to after the boxes have been emptied. Done properly, the checklist can make sure everything goes smoothly in your new place.

So, if you’ve just dusted off your hands and settled down for the first night in your new pad, here are some things you should remember:

Check if all your things are there

In the hustle and bustle of moving all your stuff, it can be shockingly easy to misplace a few things along the way. Whether you left them in your old place or they were lost in transit, it’s important to give all of your things a once-over once you’ve settled down.

Keep an eye on your utilities

While you might have given your new home a cursory inspection when you signed the lease or sale agreement, it’s still different to staying a few nights. One of the things you can’t really account for is how your lifestyle meshes with the setup of your new place. Things like energy, water, and other utilities may not work exactly as you’re used to at your old place.

Assess the condition of your furniture

man carrying a sofa to bring to the new home

Many things can happen to our belongings in transit—and while you may certainly take all the precautions that you need when it comes to getting things like furniture to your place in one piece, the movers you hired may not. That is why giving our furniture a brief inspection once they’ve been unpacked is never a bad idea. Checking for things like scrapes or dings can go a long way in avoiding future issues.

Disconnect from your old place

Finally, make sure your old place isn’t associated with you anymore. Things like billing addresses, home preferences, and your contact information should reflect your new residence. Not only does this give you a headstart if you ever need to sign anything, but it also makes it easier for any government or corporate entity to integrate your new address if necessary.

Keeping a checklist like this (along with other things that you can check for yourself) isn’t just practical; it’s best practice. The last thing you want at the beginning of settling down to a new place and a new city is worrying about what you left behind. Making sure that you’ve fully moved on is a good mindset to tackle your new environment.

Of course, one of the best ways to get a hassle-free moving experience is to hire experienced movers. In Melbourne, professional interstate movers have all the knowledge and tools required to help make your transition into your home a smooth one.

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