The Tiny and Space-saving Home: A Growing Trend

In today’s world, the struggle to save space and efficiently use it is a big deal. Gone are the days of having large, open spaces as the focal point of the design. Tiny houses and apartments are now the trends, and many young people are following them.

Using what little space you have has also evolved into an essential part of a house’s interior design. With functional and aesthetically pleasing designs being the focus of home improvement in recent years, we have come up with a list of the best ways you can save space in your small to mid-sized home.

Install sliding doors

Installing sliding doors can save space as it removes the need for that extra space for the door to open. A huge plus is that it can be a great conversation piece all by itself. If you’re in Australia and searching for the perfect sliding barn doors, many manufacturers and sellers could offer styles as varied as modern and sleek to rustic country chic.

Use drawers effectively

Using drawers to organize and store your stuff isn’t anything new but you can always take it a step further. Using boxes inside a drawer as dividers to segregate and organize the items inside will definitely help in clearing up more space.

Regularly declutter your home

Admit it: everyone has a bit of a hoarder mentality inside all of us. Keeping one or two things that might be marginally useful sometime in the future might seem logical, but it is not. When these one or two things turn into 10 or more than 20, that’s just a lot of storage space wasted on things that you won’t necessarily need. It’s always best to throw out old stuff that you won’t be using.

Buy collapsible and foldable furniture

Tiny houses-Folding attic ladder

Collapsible or foldable furniture makes it easier for anyone to save space. We can fold them up when not in use, and move them quickly. These qualities make redecorating a breeze.

Use modular furniture

Modular furniture has been gaining popularity in recent years. Modular furniture offers the same benefits as foldable furniture and more. Modular furniture offers more flexibility, adaptability, and multifunctionality than traditional foldable furniture. Somewhat more expensive (but still relatively inexpensive) than foldable furniture, modular furniture could have different purposes and forms, so make sure you buy a suitable one.

Use your walls

Hooks, racks, and shelves, on your walls, can be used as storage space too. Proper use of walls as storage spaces can even add to the overall aesthetic of your home or room. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way of maximizing space and adding a decorative touch to any room.

Use the space under your stairs

Not a new concept but definitely a useful tip, you can maximize your space under the stairs by turning it into storage or an entire room. You can make it part of a semi-renovation that could turn any space usable.

Use room dividers

Using dividers or even curtains instead of walls may offer less privacy but it saves a lot of space if you carefully choose which rooms can do without the walls. Dividers can also offer a different design point than your regular old walls.

Colour is just as important

While not exactly a space-saving tip, carefully choosing what colour a specific room should be can help in making it appear larger than it is. White is the preferred colour for this effect, but mostly bright colours will also achieve this effect.

Functionality and effectiveness don’t need to be exaggerated

With space at a premium these days, space saving has become an essential part of planning the overall design of rooms and houses in general. Every inch counts and with these affordable solutions, maximising whatever space you have has become simpler than ever.

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