Child and Pet Safety Precautions for Windows

High-rise condominium buildings are fast becoming the norm for urban living. With more and more developments in urban areas, real estate has become more expensive. Developers want to maximize their investments by building higher structures.

Skyscrapers are the face of modern living, and the elevation does offer many benefits. However, we cannot deny that they can become safety hazards, especially for children and pets. There are already some famous cases of accidents in high rise residences, and buyers must be diligent in checking the units that they buy.

Fortunately, some developers are committed to safety. They work with professionals in major cities, like Hunter Douglas in New Jersey, to ensure that their window installations are guaranteed safe.

Using Window Limiters for High Rise Buildings

The biggest challenge for high-rise building safety is the presence of windows and balconies. They should not be allowed access to these areas without adult supervision. For prospective buyers who intend to start a family and also have pets, they need to check the window placement. Is it high enough for a toddler to reach? Can your pet open the window and jump through it?

Window placement should be a consideration, and whenever you can, it is best to choose home designs that have safety in mind. Unfortunately, that option is not always available. Windows are usually designed to be bigger, to maximize natural light and ventilation. It is an economy feature that can minimize the use of artificial light and air conditioning, not to mention the enlarged views are said to have a relaxing effect.

Some devices and fixtures can solve this modern dilemma. Most developers are now installing window limiters, and they are even required by law in most areas. Window limiters ensure that children will not have access to windows that open directly to the outside or lead up to balconies.

It is important to note that screen doors or windows are not capable of locking out a child or preventing a child from falling further. Thus, a window limiter is required. In areas where limiters are not required, and a developer has not installed one, call a trusted window solutions company in your area.

Cordless Window Options

cordless window blind with wooden frame; and hanging lampshades

Aside from the possibility of falling out the window, there are also other safety hazards for your child or pet. There are accounts where cords used to control the blinds and draperies have led to accidental strangulation of toddlers.

The best solution to avoid these incidents is by installing a full cordless window system. Modern window systems can now be installed, and you can completely customize the shade and angle through remote control. This is not just a safety feature; it also offers great convenience.

Users of standard blinds have often complained that there were numerous instances where they wanted to pull up the blinds but ended up pulling down. Blinds can also get stuck in this manner if the force is too brisk. Cordless systems like Hunter Douglas Powerview Motorization make these issues a thing of the past.

As living arrangements become modernized, the window companies have kept up with the times. They have presented solutions to every challenge that high-rise condo living has presented, whether it be safety or convenience.

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