Expert Advice on Maximizing Your Storage Unit

Whether you are making a move to a new place, making new space for your home for the arrival of your new baby, or simply want to declutter, having a storage unit is a must. You will have a space to put in your things without worrying about its security.

Having a good storage services facility in Adelaide is a good start. But simply having one is not enough. It is also important to know how to maximize the space to make it work to its fullest potential.

1. Push big things back.

It might just be a box, but storage spaces can hold a lot of things both big and small if they are stacked properly. To make this work to your advantage, putting big things at the very back and against the wall can give you more space to work in the middle.

Putting your mattresses up against the wall, your bed frames, and huge storage cabinets that you don’t use at the very end can give you more space to maneuver in the middle.

2. Disassemble furniture.

It takes time and a bit of work, but disassembling your furniture means you do not have to deal with the huge problem of having to think where to place that table you got as an heirloom from your grandmother, or that classic but very huge cabinet you sourced from a thrift store. Pieces that do not take up huge space will automatically mean more space for you to use and move around.

3. Use labeled boxes and containers.

Once you have the big things settled at the sides and back of your storage unit, dealing with smaller stuff like shoes, clothes, books, and other things are easier compared with the big stuff. The secret to managing it more efficient, however, is to make use of boxes and containers.

Properly labeled boxes and containers can help you identify which ones to pull out when you need them more easily. Stacking heavy items at the bottom (i.e., books) can give you a better and sturdier foundation as compared with using boxes filled with clothes in the bottom of the pile.

4. Make a map.

Envision what your storage unit would look like. Then follow through by putting the things where you want them to be based on your plan. If that does not work, subsequently taking note of where each thing is placed can help you remember where to get them when you need them.

The point is, having spaces where you can walk around and a map to know where each thing is placed can help you put in and get things out of your storage unit a lot easier. Being organized is key to having an efficient storage unit.

5. Throw things away.

Man finished putting stuff in storage
A lot of people are guilty of having storage units that double as trash because they are lazy to sort out things. Throwing things, trash, and clutter that you do not need can give you more space which you can use more efficiently.

Simply having a storage unit is not enough. Knowing the ways to maximize it to your advantage can help you make the most of the space that you have and get your money’s worth.

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