Common Garage Doors Problems You May Encounter

Garage doors are subject to frequent use and this makes them vulnerable to wear-and-tear. If we don’t inspect our garage doors regularly or if we don’t know which parts to check for possible hitches, we might end up spending a lot of money on emergency repairs or replacement.

Hiring a professional to conduct maintenance checks on your garage door is important as they would know more about which areas to examine. Also, if they identify any issue in your garage door’s machinery or its accessories, they can perform immediate fixes or recommend parts replacement when necessary.

Some garage door issues are easy to spot, allowing you to address them before they worsen. However, some problems may occur without warning and may instantly cause damage to your garage door equipment.

Here are some garage door problem behaviours that you may encounter.

The Stubborn Garage Door

There are many reasons your garage door won’t open or shut and some of them are right under your nose. If you’re using a remote controller, your garage door opener may not operate because of weak or dead batteries. The simple solution is to replace the old ones with a fresh set.

Malfunctioning automatic garage doorIf your wall switch can successfully open or shut your garage door, and you can’t do the same using your remote controller even if you’ve just changed the batteries, then it might mean that your remote control may be malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

On the other hand, if it’s your wall switch that won’t work, you might need to have its motor or the circuit breaker controlling your wall switch checked by a technician.

Checking your garage door’s photosensitive eyes is also an option as these sensors need to be thoroughly maintained and kept clean to function smoothly.

The Hesitant Garage Door

You might have probably seen a garage door struggling to open or go all the way down no matter how many times you push on the switch or remote control buttons. This could also mean an issue with your garage door’s sensors; they’re either blocked or misaligned. If the photosensitive eyes are not the cause of the problem, then the issue may be the garage door’s torsion springs and/or track rollers.

The Possessed Garage Door

Don’t panic. Although it may be rare, but some garage doors may open or close by themselves. The following may cause this voluntary movement:

  • Safety sensors misalignment or signal interference
  • Weak or no power source
  • Transformer or circuit board problems
  • One of your neighbours may have the same code programmed in your remote

The Noisy Garage Door

A garage door that produces loud, grinding sounds when opening or closing indicates that it is in need of lubrication. In other cases, these annoying sounds are due to debris stuck in the tracks, worn rollers or a frayed cable.

Keeping your garage door in good condition is a critical responsibility. It not only adds beauty to your house’s exterior but it also extends your garage door’s lifespan and makes your home a safer place to live in.

If you encounter any problems in your garage door, you should never attempt to repair them on your own and instead hire a trained professional to solve them for you.

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