Fixed vs. Retractable: Which Patio Awning Is for You?

Having a patio allows you to have an additional space at home where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. It may seem trivial for some people, but a patio can really be a haven for some homeowners.

Just think about it: a patio is a spot in your house where you can enjoy the fresh air outside without having to step on your manicured grass. The patio lets you get close enough to your backyard and the plants and trees beyond it that it feels like you’re having a mini-vacation right at your own home.

And you can imagine the awning above your patio to be like a giant beach umbrella shielding you from harmful UV rays of the sun. Although, now that we’ve mentioned it, what kind of awning would best suit you?

Your Location

Deciding what kind of awning to put in your patio really depends on a few things. First, let’s talk about location. Where in the U.S. do you live? Is it somewhere in California? Do you live in Oklahoma? Or are you from Seattle? Take note that locations in the United States mean different climates.

If you live in the sunny state of California, then the best kind of patio awning for you would be retractable fabric awnings. These provide enough shade from the sun and when it’s a bit cloudy, you can easily retract the shade so you can enjoy the scenery without a mini-roof blocking your view.

Now, if you live in Seattle, you have to take into account that it rains there most of the time. Putting up a fabric awning on your patio might not be the smartest idea. Fabric awnings will wear out quickly from the constant raining, so it would be better if you install something that can withstand the rains.

Also, it would be better if your awning is a fixed one. An ideal kind of awning for a home in Seattle is a fixed aluminum. Unlike fabric awnings, it’s sturdy enough to let the falling rains slide down to the ground and not depress in the middle and gather water.

Garden patio during the day

If you live in Oklahoma, meanwhile, you have to take into account that that state often experiences tornadoes and storms. You need an awning that you can fold right away when a threat of a storm is in the horizon. A fabric retractable awning is preferable in a place like Oklahoma because anytime you feel a strong wind moving across your home you can retract your awning right away.

Your Budget

Now let’s talk about budget and other stuff. Retractable awnings, obviously, are a lot more expensive than fixed ones because you need a special mechanism to retract the awning immediately. Fixed awnings are cheaper because they don’t need special mechanisms but they’re in danger of getting blown away if a very strong wind blows them off.

Aluminum awnings are better than fabric awnings if you’re talking about providing a nice comfortable shade from the sun. It’s cooler under an aluminum awning than a fabric one because the former is more effective in blocking sunlight than fabric. But retractable aluminum awnings are much more expensive than retractable fabric awnings because fabric is much easier to fold than aluminum.

So, here are the pros and cons to different kinds of awnings. If you figure out what’s more important for you, it will be easier to choose which kind of awning would best suit your home patio.

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