Home Sweep Home: Cleaning Ideas When Moving into a New House

One of the first things homeowners need to do when they move into a new place is to give it a nice, thorough clean. Not only will this help them feel comfortable immediately, but it’ll also let them have peace of mind after all the stressful packing.

Of course, it’s best to complete all the cleaning tasks before your moving services in Broward County bring in your furniture pieces and household items. If you wait for your boxes to arrive first, they’ll only be in the way of your cleaning.

Clean your new place as soon as you arrive and you’ll be off to a great start. When you move to an already established home, there will be plenty of dirt lurking in many places, especially if the previous owner didn’t have a lot of time to do regular cleaning. Even a newly constructed house can have dust and debris in certain places you never expected. As you go on with the whole cleaning process, you’ll also discover some areas that need either repairs or replacements.

Whether you’re moving to a nearby state or another country, cleaning your space before your stuff arrives should be a priority. Here’s what you need to do:

The Bathroom

person cleaning the bathroom sink

This is the area you’ll want to thoroughly clean after the movers leave. A relaxing dip in the tub or a refreshing shower is what you’ll need after a long day of moving.

Start by cleaning the exhaust fans, as these are most likely to accumulate dust. Instead of cleaning the toilet seat and cover, replace them with new ones. Before you drop a bath bomb in your tub, get a specialized cleaner and scrub everything. Get rid of old shower curtains and hang brand new ones.

The Kitchen

Start sanitizing your new fridge. After all, you can’t put off storing all your perishable food items. It will only take you 20 to 30 minutes to finish this task, as it’s still empty. Take out all the shelves and drawers and wipe them with a clean rug or use soap with warm water.

When you’re done with the fridge, move on to the rest of the kitchen. Clean high areas first, such as the corners of the ceiling, the lighting fixtures, and the topmost parts of the cabinets, as these are the ones that are often neglected because they’re hard to reach. Then do the appliances and the cabinets. For now, you can skip cleaning the floors.

The Bedroom

After a nice, relaxing bath, you’ll want to slip in your PJ’s and set up your bed to prepare yourself for another day of moving tasks. Before you get some sleep, get a disinfectant spray and use it to wipe your furniture pieces clean, especially your bed. You also need it for your doorknob. Get rid of all the dust on your cabinets, shelves, dressers, and nightstands. Your windows may also need some special glass cleaning product. Lastly, see if your wooden or tiled bedroom floor needs some mopping.

The moving process does not end once you’ve reached your new home. There’s still a list of things you’ll need to accomplish. But, with the right amount of planning, you can streamline the process.

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