Modern Design Ideas for Kitchen Counters

The countertops are the workhorses of your kitchen. You will put all your appliances and other items on the counter and still prepare your meals on them. As such, they are often the first ones to wear out in most residential and commercial kitchens.

A worn-out kitchen counter not only dampens the appearance of your overall kitchen but also forms crooks and crannies in which bacteria might thrive and contaminate your food. Moreover, it dampens your overall mood and might be the cause of the preparation of bland meals.

Your kitchen remodeling in Fort Wayne, IN, should hence start with a revamp of the counters. With the right choices, you can turn the counters into the focal point of your entire kitchen and thus transform your whole kitchen look.

The following are some modern design ideas for counters for homeowners aiming for a contemporary kitchen look.

Contrasting Bold Colors for Countertops and Cabinets

Modern kitchen countertops have moved from the conservative white, black or grey. They now feature bold and lively colors which light up your kitchen and boost your overall mood when preparing food.

Yellow, orange and lime green are currently the choice colors for modern counters. The secret to using these colors in your kitchen for the best look lies in their contrast. You can create contrast by getting different colors for the countertops and cabinets.

Patterned Countertops

Kitchen countertop materials are no longer the plain ones of yesteryears. There now exists differently patterned counters guaranteed to boost the modern appearance of your kitchen.

You can opt to mix and match the countertop designs for different areas rather than have them in one design. This is perfect for the creation of a design contrast and will also enhance the functionality of different regions.

Thick Slab Counters

kitchen countertop

Most countertops in conventional homes have a 2’’ thickness. Thicker slabs with a 3–5’’ thickness are however the perfect fit for modern kitchens.

These have a formal and anchored look which transforms your kitchen into one fit for a show house. Remember to change the height of your cabinets to accommodate the increase in your countertops’ height.

Wooden Butcher Block Countertop

To avert the risk of your kitchen looking too ‘’severe’’, include a wooden butcher block countertop which adds an intriguing and timeless twist to your kitchen. This will also give you a germ-free option for the preparation of wet food.

To keep your butcher block looking new and fresh, seal it with polyurethane. You can also use cutting boards and trivets to protect your surfaces from marring and heat.

Wrapped Counters

Wrapping your counters involves using the same material for the counter and the sides and tops of your cabinets. This way, your counters, and cabinets will look wrapped around your other kitchen sections. The wrapped-like kitchen look will draw interest to other parts of the room.

Most people postpone their kitchen remodels until they come into substantial cash. The above options are however inexpensive and will suit even the lowest budgets. Provided you work with the best contractor available, the designs will transform your kitchen into one room you want to spend lots of time in.

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