Modern Farmhouse Style: Build a Warm and Sustainable Yet Sophisticated House

Modern farmhouse style is an interior design trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. You see it all over house design-themed shows on Netflix, Pinterest, and even your Instagram feed. And right now, you are, perhaps, looking to add some of its elements to your next house renovation project.

It makes sense why many homeowners love the modern farmhouse style. It mixes the best parts of other design trends—you’ve got a sprinkle of rustic, a dash of industrial, and a pinch of mid-century modern. It adds a raw and casual yet well-thought-out look to any room. It’s a perfect blend of modern and relaxed.

Modern Farmhouse Style: The Perfect Blend of Contrasting Elements

The classic farmhouse style takes inspiration from the usual look of a barn or farmhouse. It focuses on the use of rural but charming and cozy design elements. Think of reclaimed wood, barn doors, and classic farmhouse sinks. Put a modern twist on the classic farmhouse style, and you will get farmhouse-inspired homes that cleverly feature vibrant and modern design elements through decors and furniture.

To create that modern farmhouse look in any of your rooms, the challenge is to get that perfect blend of contrasting elements. Create spaces that offer warmth, coziness, rawness, and history at the same time.

Some Creative Ways to Pull off Modern Farmhouse Style

Since it’s a challenge to combine the old and new, the modern and relaxed, and the raw and polished, here are some ideas to help you pull off the modern farmhouse style. Just pick which works best for you.

1. Keep a neutral look

When you think of a farmhouse, you might quickly associate it with red barns and yellow kitchens. But to pull off the right synergy for a modern farmhouse style, you have to keep your color palettes neutral. Shades of whites, creams, beiges, and grays help link all other elements and prevent the room from looking eclectic. Plus, going neutral maintains that fresh vibe that makes the farmhouse look modern.

2. Pick natural materials

Modern farmhouse style is a dynamic mix of materials and textures. So don’t shy away from picking natural materials, such as natural wood, metal, leather, and stone—and mix and match them cleverly. If you have those classic white shiplap wall panels in your kitchen, choose metal bar stools for the island.

Also, try to integrate reclaimed wood through barn doors, tables, and other design elements. Keep in mind that sustainability and history are key elements of farmhouse style. You can match them with brass, velvet, and other unexpected natural materials that can give a modern edge to the usual farmhouse look.

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3. Celebrate imperfection

Celebrate rawness or imperfection by taking inspiration from rustic and industrial design elements. Keep the natural patinas of metals, wood, and stone. After all, weathered materials tell their own story, creating warmth and charm that makes a modern farmhouse style a standout. Use natural finishes, too. When contrasted with contemporary pieces, unwaxed woods or unpolished metals add a rural but refined feel.

4. Play with scale

Traditionally, farmhouses looked fairly large. But if you have a huge space to incorporate all the key elements of modern farmhouse style, you might end up with a living room or kitchen that looks too grand. You can play around with scale to avoid that. For instance, lighting is key to making a room feel cozy. Go for huge pendant lights and other large fixtures with industrial design to retain that warm and raw feel.

Also, if the budget allows, go for double kitchen islands. Use one island for prepping and cooking and equip the other one with chairs or stools to make it easy for families and friends to hang out together in the kitchen. That design choice, alone, can help retain the warm and welcoming vibe of a farmhouse.

5. Mind the small details

Furniture in a modern farmhouse style is often comfortable. But make sure each piece is sleek to keep the contemporary vibe. Look for furniture with subtle decorative nature to pull off the look of this style.

The same goes for decors. Small details like the geometric elements of industrial light fixtures or decorative details of a rustic mirror can help the modern farmhouse style come to life. Again, the color palettes of this style are neutral; hence, the minimal approach can make the tiniest details noticeable.

Modern farmhouse style is warm and relaxed yet sophisticated. It allows you to put your personality on a space without making it look too grand or cluttered. Just remember to integrate the important elements of this style and be creative in playing with these elements to pull off the perfect modern farmhouse look.

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