The Garden of Your Dreams: Ideas to Liven Up Your Pathways

Since the pandemic has locked most people in their homes, they’ve started to notice things that they needed to work on. Some may have focused on their health, while others may have seen things they want to add or remove from their home. If you’ve got a green thumb, then you may have noticed that your garden’s a little overgrown. This is true if you’ve managed to neglect to prune it or maintain your plants’ growth.

A well-kept garden can be beautified with the paving of wooden tiles or stone pathways. Whether it looks formal or wild and exotic depends on the cut of stone or the wood’s shape and placement. Ultimately, it depends on whether you want an attention-grabbing pathway or a simple and solemn one.

Read on for some ideas on how to liven up that old pathway or create a truly unique new walk in your garden.

The Cobblestone that the Builders Rejected

Do you have an excess of cobbles from another pathway project? Then you can use that to create or renovate your garden pathway. A mix of cobbles and stone cuttings will give your garden a rustic charm and a mysterious look. If it’s in an area that’s always damp, no matter the time of year, watch as the moss lends a whole new dimension to its look. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled into another world as you walk on this pathway.

A Boardwalk over Troubled Grass

This might not feel the same as walking on the beach, but a wooden walk over a sea of green is always a classic. Use wooden deck boards that may also have been left from a previous project. If you think about it, it’s also a way to re-use and recycle any materials that may have been excess from a renovation of your home. If you’re going for a more dramatic flair, try to set the wooden path on different levels and at varying angles. You’ll begin to wonder why you didn’t spend more time in your garden before.

Stone and Rock

zen garden concept

Do you live somewhere you have access to more stone and rock than you can afford to kick? You can use those to transform your garden. Using locally sourced stone and rock also produces a certain homey charm since it’s hauled just from the vicinity of your home. If you’re the type to go crazy and creative (and you’ve got the money), then you can get the stones and rocks from some far-away place. These stones can form a pathway by acting as both walkway and border pavements.

Crazy-cut Puzzles

It’s like creating a picture with rocks. While you can go crazy with different stones or cobbled rocks, you can always go for different cut-and-colored stone walkways. These may also form a different picture — one where you can imagine creating some sort of puzzle and piecing them together to reveal the bigger image. That it creates a smooth, snaking path through your garden is a bonus.

The Angular Arrangement

An angular arrangement is a great design that you can’t always go wrong with. It might make you somewhat look like a fan of Math or something, but there’s a certain charm with stones placed perpendicularly to one another, creating focal angles that are easy on the eye. It also provides more than just something to walk on in your garden — it’s also a visual which your eyes can play with.

As it appears, there’s no visible end yet to the pandemic. If you haven’t started working on your garden yet, then now’s the time to create the pathway you’ve always wanted to have in it. Walking in your garden is also a therapeutic way of spending your time home while waiting for the COVID-19 lockdowns to end.

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