Easy Ways to Secure Your Garage Against Burglary

Thieves are everywhere. They are always looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit and use to trespass into your home, steal your belongings, threaten your safety.

As a primary point of entry, the garage should provide you security from people with ill intent. However, in most houses, it is not really a priority. The homeowners would secure the front and back doors, but the garage remains vulnerable to criminals. The expensive equipment sitting in the garage can still be targeted by burglars.

There are myriads of actions that you can take in order to make your garage as secure as possible. Here are some of them.

Close the Door

It sounds so simple but it can be the most effective solution against burglary. Just close the garage doors when no one is present.

An overhead garage door gives thieves an opportunity to walk in, grab an item, and then walk back out without resistance. In fact, one homeowner’s association instructed all members to keep their roll-up garage doors shut when not in use. They found that the one simple rule reduced the number of burglaries in the area by as much as 50%.

The mere installation of garage doors should deter bad people from committing a crime. It makes the theft harder if they need to break into the house which, in many cases, small-time criminals are not willing to do.

If you are the type to leave your garage door open out of habit, then an automatic garage door closer would be a good investment. It will shut the garage door and secure everything inside it after a while.

Shield the Lock

It is easy to pry a door open. A quick search on YouTube and Google can show you how a thief can unlock your garage door without breaking a sweat. Some thieves have also figured out how to use the emergency release, which is supposed to be a safety feature, to open the garage door.

A garage door lock shield will make reaching the release cord impossible. It is not expensive to do, either. Some homeowners use a do-it-yourself solution like a scrap of plywood or a wood cleat screwed or nailed on the opener’s arm to block thieves. Homeowners can also purchase a Garage Shield which is a pretty inexpensive device that will prevent intruders from breaking into the space.

Lighten Up the Street

Lights during the night-time are sometimes enough to deter intruders. Thieves thrive by hiding in the shadow. If it is bright outside, many would not dare to commit a crime because they will easily be seen.

Install a motion-activated floodlight near your garage door and windows. In case a burglar steps anywhere in the vicinity, bright lights will be triggered and will be shone in the direction of the suspicious individual.

LED lights

Treat Your Garage Door Remote Like a Key

Thieves know exactly what automatic garage door openers look like and, as soon as they get access to it, they can gain entry to the garage or, worse, the house. Treat it with the same care as you treat your front door keys. However, most homeowners just clip the remote on the visor of their vehicle which makes it easier to access.

Add the remote as a key chain that you can carry with you no matter wherever you go. It would not be inconvenient to use, but it will be more secure than just by leaving it in your car.

Hide Your Valuables

Protect the items in your house the same way to protect your expensive household appliances and jewelry.

Leaving them out of the open makes your garage a target for burglary. You may not notice it but, sometimes, passersby peek into a garage and locate valuable items that they can steal. It does not matter whether the garage door is open or closed. Of course, it will be easier to see inside when the garage door is open. If it is closed, it does not matter because a thief can look into the windows.

Attaching curtains and blinds will cover your belongings from spying. Your garage becomes less of a target because the thieves are not aware if there is anything of value inside. It seems like an obvious solution but, like closing the garage door, it works.

People should be mindful of the security of their garage. In many homes, the garage also doubles as a storage space. It is full of items that can be stolen. It can also be an entryway inside the house.

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