What 2020 Will Bring into Residential Architecture

The architectural landscape is constantly changing, and with the birth of a new decade, innovations and new styles are already underway to define the new look of the modern home. As the Australian property market is expected to rise further in 2020, here are some of the trends that you can expect to see:

Making the Kitchen the Star

There is no doubt that the kitchen remains the core point of any home, with lots of activities and interaction happening here. Architects have leaned into that, making it the new “central piece” when creating the home structure.

In Townsville, new homes are already being built, with kitchens given more emphasis and care in their design. It will be more apparent to new homeowners with the space and form allotted to the kitchen alone. This works hand-in-hand with a new leaning towards making bathrooms as spaces of relaxation where you can spend more time in.

Everything Sustainable

Builders and architects alike have started to put sustainability at the forefront. As the market booms, it seems like it is the perfect time to introduce materials and practices that are more environmentally conscious.

This also works in great favour to future homeowners who will end up inheriting properties that are built to stand the test of time with minimised ecological effects. This covers everything from the foundations to the fixtures inside.

Getting Smart


Modern design


With connectivity being the norm these days, homes are expected to catch up with the times. Architects are focusing on seamlessly integrating technology and AI into residential spaces in a way that won’t become obsolete so quickly.

These additions are being more and more highlighted as selling points for spaces because they make the property more valuable and attractive to prospective clients. Architects are also recognizing that these installations are not only convenient for the users but also effectively futureproof the home.

Opening Up

Open spaces are becoming a great love for architects. This choice is projected to be a popular one when forming new residential spaces. It has both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Functionally, it allows better air flow, light, and gives some leeway with any future changes and remodels that the homeowner may opt for.

Aesthetically, this open look is the next step in furthering the minimalistic sense that more and more architects have been going for.

Finding New Material

New sources for building are looking to be the go-to innovation that architects will be incorporating into their built homes. Even mixing and matching materials that previously might have been cast aside immediately are looking to be a reality in the new face of residential architecture.

It’s arguable that this breeds from the current crop’s desire to cater to all demographics while innovating. This trend has, generally, favoured sustainable materials and those that feel like polar opposites from first impressions.

These five are already making their appearances in households, both newly built and newly refurbished. Catch these trends yourself throughout the year and bask in the new decade of architecture.

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