Why Switch to Powder Coating?

When you are asked to paint, the first thing that would come to mind would be a bucket of liquid that would contain one of a variety of colors. Then you start to think of brushes that you would use to apply the paint. It could be quite tedious, messy even. Imagine using that on cars, accidentally splashing spots on your windshield or dripping down your tires. However, there is a method that could achieve the same effect – the powder coating! It features a variety of colors and is very accessible, even in Utah!

Though it may not be quite popular, there are several reasons for you to switch to powder coating instead. Here are a three of them:

1. Paint usually chips off faster

Powder coating is more durable than paint because it is layered thicker. Given its inherently thick quality, some people might think that the range of colors might be narrowed down, but that is not the case at all. It boasts a wide variety of colors that when appropriately applied, provides a protective finish making it more scratch resistant. So if you happen to be a clumsy driver, either get off the streets or get a powder coating!

2. The earth is dying, and we have to start thinking more environmentally

Powder coating is far more environmental than paint. The latter contains solvents that science shows to be pollutants of volatile organic compounds. Since the former does not need a solvent in its application, it would also have fewer pollutants of VOCs.

Clean up and recycling this powder solution is also considerably much easier than other solutions. Take, for example, paint. When paint accidentally spills, the liquid sticks to the ground and salvaging it will only leave you with a formula that is riddled with dirt and dust.

3. It is fairly easy to maximize its use

Worker powder coating metal framesGiven that it is a free-flowing powder that is also in its driest form, powder coating is extremely cost-effective in terms of use and price. It is a cheaper alternative to having your car or appliances painted. The excess powder coating that was used in adding color to your auto can also be collected and recycled to be used for more of your machinery.

How does the powder coating process work?

The professionals work hard in applying powder coating. The formula of the powder is composed of several numerous components such as leveling agents, pigments and other additives. The goal in the process is to melt, mix, cool, and to ground into powder form before going through the process of ESD (electrostatic spray deposition) so that it becomes finer.

Thereafter, it is put inside a spray gun. This tool helps in charging electrostatic into the powder particles that in turn are attracted to the ground part. Putting them into a curing oven makes the particles’ molecular chains longer and breakdown proof.

There are more complicated ways in applying powder coating but let us leave those to the professionals.

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