3 Ways to Use an Antique Fireplace Mantel in a Modern Home Design

antique fireplace mantel detail

Antique fireplace mantels — and Authentic Provence will tell you the same — are the quintessential American home architectural element that never goes out of style. Not only that, it marries fashion with function, too!

No matter the theme of your interiors or the personal styles of people living in the home, these home features are subtle yet visually impactful, and changing them up could boost the appearance of an entire room. Below, check out three ways to incorporate this timeless piece into your interior’s design style.

1. Paint it fresh

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Have you ever noticed how much difference changing a color can make — not just to the look of a room but also to the mood and energy of the people in it?

Painting an antique mantel in the same shade as the walls, for instance, lends a minimalist modern touch to a classic style.

Deep, moody shades with a matte finish look amazing for a sleek and clean modern industrial look. Bright, cheery shades, on the other hand, make for a nice and unexpected pop of color for a full-on modern vibe.

2. Accessorize it

Antique fireplace mantels

Little touches go a long way when it comes to interior design. An antique mantel placed in the middle of a room full of contemporary furnishings makes for an excellent accent piece. Additionally, surrounding it with modern accent pieces makes for a classic look with a twist.

A floating shelf, a modern colorful painting, and plants in colorful pots are just a few of the things that you can use to strike a balance between old and new, creating a contrasting look that is current and edgy.

And that is not all; you could also decorate it with found items from your travels to create a look that is unique and a great conversation starter.

3. Highlight it

If you turn your mantel into the star of the room, it will do wonders. The right amount of antique furniture pieces in a room with a contemporary design is a great way to put together an old and modern blended look, which is a growing design trend these days.

Contrasting the old design of a fireplace mantel with antique furniture pieces amidst a room filled with contemporary furniture gives a fresh take of a mix-and-match style that looks comfortable and relaxed — yet with an elegant and sophisticated vibe.

An antique fireplace mantel always makes a good addition to any home interior design and is a timeless piece that is definitely worth the investment. If you are planning on purchasing an antique mantelpiece, by all means, go and find a style that fits your current home design.

If your beautiful home already has one, do not limit yourself to keeping the same old look. A few changes here and there can do a lot. Enhance the visual appeal of your home from the inside out starting with this classic piece.

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