Types of Finials for Metal Fences

Black metal fence design

Metal fencing has been around for ages and remains popular. Some of the popular metal fence options include aluminum, steel, and cast or wrought iron.

When people think of metal fencing, they assume this includes basic metal panels running vertically with one or two horizontal pieces to boost the stability of the fence. As such, most people looking for a fence that has a high aesthetic appeal steer clear of metal fences.

There is however nothing basic or dull looking about steel, aluminum or wrought iron fence in your Los Angeles property. There exist various options for boosting the look of your metal fence to match your landscape and design. One of these is picking the right design for the top of the fence.

Finials are the leading choice for finishing metal fences. These are fencing caps available in different styles and materials.

They not only boost the look of your fence but also protect the fencing post from environmental elements and boost the security of your property by making it difficult to climb over the fence. The following are some of the finial options for your fence.

Fleur de Lis

This style option resembles a flower and has slightly curved ends. It is commonly used in French architecture. There are several variations of the same design, and you can thus get a customized finial design to suit your property or match some of its elements.

Fleur de Lis finials are available in ½’’ or ¾’’. Though generally made of cast iron, you can get them in different materials to match your property.

Triad Spear

This finial resembles a pointed spear at the top and includes a simple design at its base. It is commonly used in properties primarily aiming for optimal security rather than an attractive look for their fence. Triad spear finials are mainly made of cast iron since this is the strongest material for the safety of your property.


spiked metal fence

This design also has a pointed design but includes a swooped base rather than the simple one seen in the triad spear style. To this end, it boosts your property’s security and the look of your fence. Arrow finials are commonly made in cast iron.


This design compared to other finial options, is larger and more detailed. It has a design resembling an acorn at the top and other design elements on its base. The acorn finial will thus suffice for those looking for an elaborate and highly aesthetic option for their fence.


A federal style finial features a simple design with a square tip. This simplicity allows people to focus on the design of your property or other aspects of your fence and landscape. It also boosts your property’s security though not as much as the triad spear.

The above finials are your ideal choice for transforming your metal fence from basic to one worthy of a magazine spread. Since metal fencing generally includes posts, you also have different options for increasing the privacy of your property if you so wish. You can, for instance, plant hedges or trees along the fence or install decorative privacy slats through the posts.

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