Can Old PVC Pipes Still Have a Second Life in Your Home?

PVC pipe joints

The durability and chemical stability of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has made it the plastic of choice for chemical, manufacturing and commercial needs across the globe. Items made from this material can last half a century. When you throw away your old pipes after only two decades, you can be sure they will remain in the environment for a while.

Many countries like Australia are trying to find a solution to PVC waste, and some people are considering different uses for the material.  There are other ingenious applications of PVC around the home, specifically in the bathroom. Some people use their creativity when using PVC as part of their bathroom fixtures. Here are four ideas:

Mirror Frame

Have you always wanted to give the bathroom mirror a new look? You do not have to spend a fortune to do so; make good use of your PVC pipes and even the pipe clamps. Use the rings from the pipe to make a frame. You need to choose complementary colours, shapes, and thicknesses. You only need a PVC pipe, hacksaw and a strong adhesive for the pipes to attach to the mirror.

Hair Styling Tools Container

Many people have a lot of hair products, strewn all over the bathroom. Your hair straightener, blowdryer or curling machine does not have to stay on the counter or under the cabinet. Old PVC pipes can make the ideal storage solution. PVC pipe connectors have the shape for your hair styling tools. An ugly pipe is something you can fix easily with a coat of your favourite colour. There is no limit as to the designs or settings you can achieve for this application.

Flower/Succulents Pot

 Succulents and cactus in different pots

People place succulents in the bathroom for two main reasons: to improve indoor air quality and decor. Some plants and succulents have shallow roots and are often ideal for small pots. Your old PVC pipes can easily serve as pots for your small indoor plants. You can personalise the PVC pots using all sorts of decorations and paints.

You could also use PVC pipes as part of your hydroponic plant system. These tubes could serve as a conduit for the water supply, but also provide a shelter for your aquatic pets in aquariums and outdoor pools.

Kids’ Toys

You could also create toys for your children using PVC pipes. You could use T-joints and pipe elbows to build small toy cars and buildings. They are also popular for making geometric shapes for your children to unleash their creativity. When not in use, you could also use the PVC pipes as storage for the toys, which you can stick on a wall using double-sided tape, glues, or even a suction cup.

Though PVC can be an environmental problem, there are ways you can lessen their effect on the environment. You can reuse and recycle PVC pipes as part of your garden, home, and property. If you have old PVC pipes that are still serviceable, you can use your creativity to save the planet and make your home more environmentally-friendly.

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