Carpet Styles for Your Home: Deciphering the Options


Carpets provide a cushioned cover for your floor. Regardless of the material, carpets are made when a yarn is looped through backing materials. The process resembles that of sewing a button in place. The loops are then either left as they are cut to different lengths and at different angles.

Many people looking for a carpet fitter in Bath will have one fitting a carpet whose material is nylon, polyester, wool, or polypropylene. While this way of choosing is all right, it is not the only thing you can look at. There are many options on the market classified by the carpet pile. The carpet pile is a term used to refer to the way the loop is treated in the manufacturing process. They include:

The uncut pile

Sometimes also referred to as the Berber pile, this pile usually has the full yarn loop on the backing material intact. The resulting carpets are very easy to maintain and durable. They also resist staining, making them ideal for use in commercial applications, particularly for areas with high traffic. The design of these carpets also means that traffic does not leave indentations so that you will see no footprints, for example. The only downside to this carpet is the padding. It will not be as soft as if the pile had been cut.

The cut pile

the cut pile carpet

When the loops on the backing material are cut, the result is a soft and inviting carpet. Cutting makes it possible to produce different styles. The manufacturer only needs to change the angle that they cut at. It is also possible to change styles if the thread treatments are changed before looping. While this carpet is easy to clean, you will see vacuum trails and footmarks. It means that damage will also be obvious.

The Saxony cut carpet pile

When the single strands are made to stand straight, the Saxony carpet pile is created. It is usually fuzzy and lush, making for a very sophisticated look. The downside here is that the strands will be easy to crush down either by vacuuming or from foot traffic. It also means that the carpet will be susceptible to damage. Saxony carpets are prone to staining, so they work best in areas with low traffic.

The textured cut carpet pile

If you want an option that is trackless, go for this carpet. Manufacturers are able to achieve this look by twisting the individual yarns into spirals and then heating them with steam. The resulting strands reflect little light, which means that it will be difficult to see them if they are stepped on or crushed down. Pick this carpet for areas with mid-level traffic.

The freeze cut carpet pile

Here, the specific stands are kinked and twisted. The result is a carpet with erratically curled strands splashing on the surface. The freeze cut is very durable, and it hides dirt easily. This makes it ideal for high foot traffic areas.

Notably, the style of the loop will influence its features and appearance. Fibres that are densely packed will create a luxurious surface, but they will leave the carpet temperamental. It will be prone to scuffing, wearing down, and reflecting footprints.

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