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Couple renovating their space

What Are the Signs You Need to Renovate Your Apartment?

The ‘flat life’ is a lifestyle that suits many Singaporeans. An apartment teaches you to live in a minimalistic fashion and make the most of the given space. It is also a canvas suited for your artistic and creative expression. However, living in a flat for years could make you see some of its imperfections,

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Kitchen Upgrade: Changes That Will Uplift Your Kitchen Value

Looking for ways to make your house marketable? Better yet, adding value to it? Look no further, as the kitchen can do that job for you. Believe it or not, one of the many priorities of home buyers is how the kitchen looks, how easily they can prepare meals in it, and how they could

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How to Build a Green Roof: Sustainable Living at Home

Green roofs are becoming a popular option for people who are looking to enrich their lives with greenery but have limited space. Green roofs have a plethora of benefits: they act as natural air filters, provide you with cooler airflow, and can even be modified to help you grow certain produce like fruits, vegetables, or

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Energy Efficient Homes: How You Can Build Your Own

With global warming continuing to hurt the planet, it’s about time that the average homeowner starts thinking about changing the way they live. One of the first things we, as private citizens, can do to help the planet is to start turning our homes into energy-efficient dwellings. An energy-efficient home has a lot of benefits

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