Understanding Endemic Species and Their Role in the Ecosystem

All living things play a role in the planet’s ecosystem and the food chain. This means that if certain species vanished, no matter where they fall in the food chain, their extinction will affect all of us. It also means that the whole ecosystem is out of balance, which poses a bigger problem for all.

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Warehousing 101: Space Utilization Guide

Warehouses are costly when running a business. The value of the real estate, maintenance, equipment, personnel, and products housed in the warehouse could add up quickly. That’s why most business owners want to improve warehouse operations by expediting the workflow, minimizing the time things are held in the facility, or automating to save labor costs

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Eco Food: Ways to Start Eco-friendly Food Choices

Our planet is drowning in plastic pollution among other things, and it’s high time that something is done about it. Approximately 12 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean each year, and that’s not including the waste found on land. This problem is affecting wildlife such as fish, whales, dolphins, sea birds, seals

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How Can Homeowners Help Save the Environment?

Did you know that even when you are staying at home and not contributing to the rising rate of air pollution, you can still contribute to environmental decay? There are different lifestyles at home, but they consume energy and even produce toxic waste materials. No matter how often global warming trends on the internet, if households are

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How You Can Spend More Time Outside of Your House

Nature deficit disorder (NDD) has real consequences for people’s health, even if it has yet to be acknowledged as a medical disorder. This can occur when individuals have very little to no time spent outdoors, which means they’re always cooped up at home and glued to their mobile devices or gadgets. While spending time indoors

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What Makes Preventive Maintenance a Worthwhile Investment for Companies

We’ve heard it many times: “Prevention is better than cure.” This phrase is something facility managers should practice more when managing equipment in industrial facilities. Preventive maintenance is a critical part of facility management. Its primary goal is to establish consistent methods designed to enhance the safety and performance of systems and equipment at your

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Looking Through the History of Glass in Architecture

Glass makes up a lot of the ornaments, kitchenwares, and equipment that we use. From vases to windshields to industrial materials and technology, glass is a flexible and versatile material needed in plenty of things. Glass is formed through the rapid cooling of molten non-crystalline matter. It can be naturally occurring such as volcanic glass

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Make the Most of Your Weekend with These Activities

People usually look forward to weekends because they get to have no work or school. This means time to have fun and enjoy the short break. Some people usually take this time to unwind and relax, but adventurous souls like to go on crazy adventures on the weekend and make lasting memories, whether it is

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Preventing Indoor Air Pollution

While restrictions during the pandemic contributed to cleaner air around the world, there is still much that must concern us. Toxic environments still exist, not only outdoors but also indoors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3.8 million people around the world die every year because of indoor air pollution. It is necessary to

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