Comfort Zone: Designing a Comfortable Office Space for Everyone

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The design of your office plays a big part in creating a desirable and productive workplace. After all, employees spend most of their time in front of their desks. It’s important to foster a comfortable environment that they won’t be hesitant to come back to every day. Even small improvements make all the difference.

Switch up Your Flooring

When it comes to flooring designs in offices, functionality trumps looks. Carpets offer insulation and noise reduction, but they are prone to stains and mold. Hardwood floors are sturdy and look great, but they are vulnerable to scratches and have the tendency to be noisy when you step on them. If you’re looking for a versatile, durable, and low-maintenance floor, look no further than concrete. Many companies offer concrete flooring services in NYC that you can consult for designs that will suit the look of your office.

Try to match the type of flooring with the function of your rooms or areas. Use elegant hardwood for your reception area. Keep your employees free from distraction by installing a carpet in the main workspace. Use concrete flooring for the pantry to make cleaning easy.

Brighten up the Walls with Art

A professional workspace doesn’t have to be bland. Give your employees something to look at other than their computer screen. Decorate your walls with paintings, illustrations, and murals. You can also make the artwork more inclusive by brainstorming with your workers about what should be hung or painted on the walls.

Bring Nature In

Office with indoor plants

Humans are always drawn to nature wherever they go. This is why more workspaces are making their offices greener. It’s more than an aesthetic choice, too. Having access to natural light and indoor plants increases employee wellbeing by 15%.  What’s great is that these solutions are as simple as drawing your office blinds and buying low maintenance plants like succulents and cacti.

Invest in Ergonomic Equipment

It’s not enough that you have ergonomic seats and tables that employees can comfortably sit on for hours. You should also consider the equipment that they use while working. If your workers are complaining about painful wrists after being on the computer for too long, they could be developing carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Injuries like these are often caused by working on a poorly designed keyboard and mouse set.

Over $297 billion worth of productivity is lost yearly because of pain. And seemingly minor discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis causes permanent nerve damage if left unchecked. This is why it’s beneficial to spend a bit more money on getting ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets for your workers.

The office doesn’t have to be a second home for your employees, but it’s important to engage them on the improvements that you’re going to make. Keeping your workers involved in design decisions grows their connection with the workplace. These changes are for their wellbeing, after all. Comfort is the most valuable incentive for any employee. Once they find this in the office, they’ll be more motivated to come back to work every day.

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