5 Eco-friendly Ways to Beat the Summer Heat without Cranking Up the AC

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Summer is here. As much as it’s good news for everyone in North America, it comes with its own downsides. In this regard, widening your options should be paramount.

Yes, we’re officially out of the sweater months. That can surely be a sigh of relief both for the top infectious expert in the country and for everyone. Pundits identify winter as an aggravating factor in the spread of the virus. Not only is our immune system lower in the colder month but also we’re bound to be herded in crowded environments such as indoors, increasing our risk of being infected in the long run.

But summer brings with it also warm weather. In the minds of millions of Americans, that only means cranking up the air conditioning to minimize the sizzle. While the AC can certainly be a good way to counter the heat, it’s not the most eco-friendly, not to mention it can certainly add up to your monthly bills.

Fortunately, there are ways to get yourself a cooler environment without having to rely on technology. Some of these methodologies may take time while some you can do in a jiffy. The important thing to remember is you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re also helping Mother Earth get back on its feet.

Make the Most of Windows

Before you even begin, a word on curtains. For best results, insulate curtains. That can go a long way in maintaining your house temperature in any weather, summer or winter. In the sweater months, an insulated curtain ensures heat won’t escape your precious abode easily. In the warmer months, it also ensures hot air is kept out.

You can let a cross breeze cool your property by manipulating your windows. To do that, open the topmost portion of one window. Consequently, open the bottom part of another window across the room or on the lower floor. Make sure these opened windows are just half-open for the best results. Do it first thing in the morning when the air is cooler, minutes before you turn on the AC.

Use Plant Airconditioning

A little sunlight checking can go a long way in your quest for cooler summer months. If you don’t have a lot of natural shade around your property, the sun is going to beat your roof and windows like a rampaging bull. Trees, therefore, especially those planted on the western and the southern side of the house can be your natural barrier to give you the coolness you need.

Take note that the flora surrounding your house can be your source of natural air conditioning. As an added bonus, vegetation counteracts the carbon emissions that shoot off from your AC. This way it plays a vital factor in ensuring you get the weather you need while being helpful to Mother Earth.

Growing a tree in your backyard and growing a garden is no easy task. For one, you must ensure you give it ample time and attention for these things to grow. You simply can’t leave things to chance.

Additionally, you must protect your garden from the attacks of stray animals and wayward kids. In this regard, putting up a durable fence is a wise idea. A good example is a horizontal composite fence. Not only is such a fence beautiful to boost the aesthetics of your property but also it’s built to last, able to stand the test of time and the weather longer than any wooden or metal fence can.

Insulate Your Property

When the summer is simmering hot, cool air is golden. Don’t waste it. You can do that by ensuring your precious abode is properly insulated. If you do it right, cool air will stay within and not find its way outside.

Know proper insulation can save you tons of money along the way. Why? That’s simply because it makes sure air inside the house isn’t escaping through your windows and doors and other holes in your house. If it does, your AC will have to work double-time in summer to cool the house as the cool air finds its way out always. The same problem holds true in the winter months. Heated air won’t stay in making your heater work more. In the end, you’ll have to pay more than you need to for all the energy used.

A good way for you to check is to use an infrared camera. Start with the attic. Be ready to be surprised by your find.

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Cool Your Body

Energy efficiency has to start with your body. Find a way to cool down your own body to counter the heat of the summer. A good cold bath can be a good start. For one, you can also drink a cold glass of water. It can do wonders to give your insides a cold reboot. Plus, remember to take ample amounts of water daily.

Don’t forget foods that can beat the summer heat. For instance, go for smoothies and frozen yogurt. Just make sure you don’t splurge on the sugar. Moreover, make the most of an ice-filled water bottle. Putting them at the ankles and behind your knees can truly cool you down.

Minimize Hot Appliances

Electronics can add up to the heat inside the house. So to get to your goal, minimize your use of these appliances. You can also time your use in the afternoon or in the evening when things are cooler. We’re talking about:

  • washing machine
  • hot iron
  • stove
  • dishwasher
  • hair dryer
  • curling irons
  • Hair straighteners

It sounds like an uphill climb. But if it’s giving you the coolness you need while at the same time helping Mother Earth, it’s definitely worth it.

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