Forced Air Furnaces: Why You Should Consider Investing in One

Why you should opt for an Air Furnace

While any reliable specialists in furnace installation in Salt Lake City, Utah can keep your old, troublesome furnace working, ditching it would make more sense. A newer unit offers rewards such as efficiency, increased comfort, safety and low energy bills. If you are shopping for a new furnace, you should know that not all types of the same make a valuable investment. Why should you consider purchasing a forced air furnace?


If you are replacing your existing unit owing to constant breakdowns and poor performance, you should focus on a brand that can offer a lot regarding reliability. Unlike standard electric heating systems and heat pumps, forced air furnaces do not breakdown easily.

While you can always call an HVAC technician whenever your system becomes faulty, it would mean inconveniences. Such furnaces also perform well concerning longevity. This means that you will not be going back to the market any time soon.

Prompt Comfort

Such furnaces have a faster start time, which guarantees faster heating. Since they heat air directly, there will be no lags regarding heating and distributing that air throughout your home. If conditioning the air were a priority to you and your family, such a furnace would be a good investment. This is because you would have the option to install additional air cleaners and humidifiers. These help purify the air as it passes via your heating system.

Why you need an Air Furnace

Energy Efficiency

Most forced air furnaces use natural gas, which is generally inexpensive. Additionally, natural gas is clean and efficient. Modern furnaces employ modern combustion technologies that prioritize energy efficiency. Some furnaces come with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 99%.

You should focus on modern forced air furnaces that have an energy efficiency rating of at least 90%. It is advisable to consult a professional before choosing any furnace, especially regarding sizing.

Increased Safety Standards

There is always the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when dealing with gas appliances. With forced air furnaces, however, you do not need to worry. Such systems come with multiple safety switches to block toxic fumes and possible fires. Some furnaces come with inbuilt air filters, too. These help keep your living room free of dust, allergens and other toxic materials.


It is true that such a system might attract a higher initial cost. However, since it is less demanding regarding maintenance and repair, it would be cheap in the end. Since the system would operate at optimal efficiency for longer, your energy bills will be low. Compared to boilers and heat pumps, forced air furnaces perform better regarding longevity.

Many years of service mean low replacement costs. Such a system would also be compatible with your existing ductwork and central air conditioners. This means that you would not suffer more expenses overhauling your existing ductwork and replacing central air conditioners.

You should install your forced air furnace right to enjoy the benefits it offers. This makes it important to seek professional help regarding installation. Choosing licensed specialists in furnace installation would be a wise decision.

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