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Three of the top home decorating trends that dominated 2018 were subway tiles, exposed lighting, and rose gold accents. This year, designers are getting more into pieces and patterns that are reminiscent of old styles but still have a much fresher take. Many homeowners can make improvements in their spaces this year not only in terms of style but in functionality as well.

Here are some of the trends that will surely make their way into many Kansas homes in 2019:

Bolder, More Vibrant Color Choices

Compared to much bigger home improvements such as replacing entire cabinetry and making huge bathroom changes, this is a much simple trend to follow. However, it’s something that will give any spaces a noticeable boost, in addition to being a lot more affordable. If you’re still into simple white and grey designs, you can still keep those colors as your base but add a few pops of bright colors here and there to add more interest and life to your space. Creamy tones and warm hues are also big this year, so give this change a shot.

A Unique Pendant Lighting

This home design is also referred to as suspended lighting and is expected to be more present in many homes this year. Because of its highly stylish look and wide range of design choices available, many homeowners are gradually switching to this style instead of recessed lighting. For kitchens and foyers, this design element is the ideal addition to give these spaces a more interesting look. It’s sure to be the focal point of attention in these areas of your living space. This will turn your lighting not only into a functional element but extremely stylish as well.

More Floral Patterns

Floral patterns at home have always been around, and these aren’t showing any signs of going away this year. However, in 2019, this decorating trend will no longer be the same as it has been in the past years. Design experts have predicted that there will be a shift towards contrasting colors and highly exaggerated proportions to give this classic home design a modern lift. Add curtains in floral patterns to your windows as a starting point.

Stylish Geometric Patterns

Couple choosing between colors for house

Just like with floral patterns, adding bold geometric patterns to your home isn’t exactly a new design trend. But for 2019, incorporating these patterns to your home designs will give your space a more dramatic look. Oversized patterns coupled with strong colors are going to give any room in your home a bolder, more sophisticated vibe. You can start by adding geometric throws to your space.

For example, if you’re into binge-watching Netflix, your living room will be a much comfortable space if you add some cozy geometric throw pieces here and there. Drape a nice blanket in a bold shade over your sofa or chair and change any neutral-tone furniture into a more interesting, livelier piece. But, if you’re not into making such a dramatic design statement, no need to fret as geometric throws are not a big design commitment. You can switch them up easily and experiment with other patterns and colors without spending a lot.

This year, many homeowners are also getting into sustainable design. In addition to all these design ideas above, discuss with your interior designer how you can incorporate sustainability into your home.

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