How to Revamp your Basement and Make it More Useful


So you’ve got that property in Salt Lake City with two bedrooms, three baths, a wonderful tiled kitchen, a spacious living room, and you have that one last room you needed to fix. Sure, it’s underrated, but you cannot just let it be a space for old boxes of things that you don’t need.

Although basements are typically used for storage, if not taken care of properly, items stored in the area might get damaged. We never know what this space might be good for. You can always redecorate depending on the need, but what do you need to consider first before picking out a new carpet and hanging those wall decals?

Before you finally throw that housewarming party, check if your basement might need finishing. Decorating is only secondary since you need to make sure the space is safe from flooding due to leaky pipes, molds that can form on the ceilings and the walls due to moisture, etc.

Here’s a list of what you can do before fully utilizing that basement.

Check for Damage

Scan the floors, the walls, and the ceilings for cracks on the foundation. You also need to take into consideration the weather in your area. Dehumidification, proper heating, and cooling systems should be installed in order for this room to stay safe and dry.

This will also be for the benefit of those who will be using the basement in the future.

Design Smart

Always remember to make room for what you intend to use the basement for. Have ample headspace, don’t cover circuit breakers, work around the plumbing, and other mechanical systems. It would be best to consult a professional in your area so you would know what’s the best way for you to design or decorate around what you currently have.

Consult with engineers if you need to have certain walls and other objects broken down, so the structural integrity of the house will not be compromised. If there’s a space specifically allotted for utilities like water heating and the HVAC system, have it inspected first.

Always remember this space is not supposed to be part of the basement finishing in your Salt Lake City home. Keep in mind that there are specific code requirements to follow, so it’s always best to look for someone who can help you work around this.

Quality Over Aesthetic

basement renovation

Now that carpet might really be enticing given it is soft to the touch and it would look great with the rest of the furniture you already have in your online shopping cart, but will it hold up properly through time? Consider getting tiles and walls that are moisture-proof to avoid constant repairs and redesigning.

The goal for this is that even though you might not have a specific use for your basement just yet, it will be okay on its own without having to shell out all the time just for maintenance purposes. It will be easier for you to overhaul and prepare the space for different use. It’s time and cost-efficient.

Provide ample lighting should there be an absence of windows and invest in materials that are sure to stand the test of time.

Now whether or not you will actually end up using your basement as an entertainment room, a guest room, a gym, or simply for storage, your basement will be fully foolproof.

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