Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Automated Garage Door

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Garage doors are among the heaviest movable fixtures in a typical home. If not well maintained, they can hurt you or your loved ones very easily. While automated garage doors have more safety features than manual doors, they can still be a menace if you don’t take good care of them.

Talking to your garage door repair experts in Brisbane North often and having them inspect the door every now and then are the first few steps to making your home a safer place. Here are other things you need to do to keep your family safe around your automated garage door:

Check the Safety Sensors at Least Once a Week

The safety sensors are the only thing standing between you and your closing garage door. The sensors trigger the door to reverse direction if it senses something crossing the closing door. You can test its functionality by placing an object like a chair or a broom on the door’s way and pressing the close button. The bridge should stop closing the moment you place the object. If this doesn’t happen, call in a professional to look into the door.

Do Not Give Out Your Password

Your garage door is meant to keep unexpected people out and your family in. Giving out the door’s passcode to everyone is like giving multiple people your front door key. Keep the passcode a secret or change it immediately after the need for sharing is over. If it’s possible, invest in an automatic door that comes with a smartphone app that lets you control access from longer distances. This way, you can open the garage door for delivery people or a guest without giving them a passcode.

Never Let Kids Control the Door

Keep the remote controller away from children. Also, placing the garage door opener five feet above the ground can deter most children from physically playing with the door or operating it without adult supervision. This is an extra measure that can keep your family safe.

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Don’t Add Unintended Loads to the Door

The garage door isn’t a winch or a toy. You shouldn’t let people hang on the handle during operation or use the door to lift an object. The support structure and motor are designed to move the garage door’s weight only, nothing more. Putting on extra weight can not only damage the door but can also lead to accidents and bodily harm.

Test the Door’s Force

Another important safety feature automated garage doors have is the ability to stop if it detects an opposing force during operation. This is a fail-safe solution in case the obstruction sensor isn’t working. The door should stop if you apply some opposing force to it when it is raising or lowering. If the door needs too much force to stop or doesn’t stop at all, adjust the force settings or call a technician.

Your automated garage door needs regular maintenance to keep it working optimally. Calling in an expert to check it out at least twice a year will help you address damage before it is too late, hence extending the door’s lifespan and keeping your family safe.

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